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Michael conlan vs tj doheny odds, tips, match preview

Michael Conlan will take over TJ Doheny at Falls Park in Belfast, Ireland on Friday 6th August 2021. The fight will be broadcast on ESPN + and will be an important fight for both fighters who are the WBA subtitles in featherweight.

One fighter goes into the fight as the clear favorite and that is Conlan, who is currently at (-600). He is also the younger contender and has not been defeated for 15 straight bouts. Let’s take a look at the opportunities.

Michael Conlan vs. TJ Doheny odds of winning

fighter opportunities
Michael Conlan -600
TJ Doheny +400

Where and when can you see Conlan versus Doheny?

  • date: Friday, August 6th
  • Time: 3:00 p.m. EST
  • Regard: ESPN +

Michael Conlan remains undefeated

As you can imagine, Conlan is an almost undisputed favorite for this one. It costs (-600), and he has the track record to prove the odds makers didn’t make a mistake. Conlan has taken on some of the most notable opponents repeatedly, and his victories include fighters like Sofiane Takoucht and Ruben Hernandez.

Granted, the fight against TJ Doheny will be another huge milestone in his career, and aside from his fight against Takoucht, he has not seen any other boxer who is as skilled.

Conlan shows the strength and commitment that few other fighters have. He was able to achieve a total of 15 victories, eight of them with a knockout and all that in less than four years of professional boxing. He has the stamina, range and traits that make him a clear favorite in the fight to come.

Colan vs TJ Doheny Tale of the Tape

Michael Conlan TJ Doheny
29 old 34
5’8 ″ height 5 ′ 5 ½ ”
69 ″ To achieve 68 ″
fifteen Fights 24

What do you think of TJ Doheny?

Perhaps Doheny’s own career was not as quick as that of his opponent. In a few years Colan will move into the distance between him and Doheny. It took Doheny eight years to build 24 fights.

Still, firing Doheny would be a serious mistake and if he gets odds of (+400) you can see that this is a great boxing bet value if the fighter manages to bring the fight home.

It’s also important to note that Doheny fought fighters who were more experienced in boxing than Conlan. He defeated both of them Martinez and Roman, he assumed Mike Oliver and Pipat Chaiporn and won against everyone. Most of all, he lost weight Sutep Wangmuk, a fighter with over 68 fights in his career and four losses.

Doheny is a long way to go, and Conlan is definitely a very talented boxer, but when the odds seem like such a big chance, it at least seems advisable to place a bet on Doheny on the money line.



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