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A new laws against gambling addiction to be backed by UK ministers

Gambling new consumer ombudsman and a ban on sports sponsorship shirt and went to the ministers backed the Daily Mail reports.

An official will review the “VIP” that he might hand out cash bonuses and rewards that are playing in heavy gambling losses.

Online games will end stake slot is cut £ 2 ($ 2.77) per spin, with one hundred high street betting shops will be closed.

“Bing gambling” is also pressing for a new betting limits as a film.

A closed in March, when it was 16,000, ministers are expected policy responses in a white paper later this year to announce proposals.

In the UK called gambling addicts at 400,000, including 55,000 children, although this figure is a source of much doubt Gambling Commission report.

Are in danger of becoming the victims of the more than two million people are prior to the games of addiction according to research.

MPs and campaigners in their own look and call it the “wild west” Online region after passing the £ 2 are especially concerned fixed odd betting terminals (Foet), although the actual impact of this rule is the problem gambling was questionable at best.

“Act-gambling that has been designed for an analog to a digital age, two years before the lotion. Now that the majority of online gambling and phones,” said Culture Secretary Jack Dowden in the Mail.

“The posts have essentially inside the shop. I think that just look at regulations.”



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