Wednesday, September 8, 2021
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888 introduces Sports Illustrated Sportsbook in Colorado

888 Holdings of SI Sportsbook in Colorado has announced.

Games Illustrati is designed to delight readers and fans by incorporating customizable information and searching from SI Sportsbooks through their content, media and gaming.

With over 30 million monthly individual users that take advantage of the service experience offered by the company, 888 looks forward to launching the SI Sportsbook in several other states in the US.

The SI Sportsbook, which is specifically built for the U.S. market, can provide information from official leagues and popular sporting tournaments (National Basketball League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, NASCAR, and the English Premier League) and were launched ahead of time NFL player.

The operator is confident the launching of SI Sportsbook in Colorado will be successful.

Yaniv Sherman, SVP – Head of US at 888, said: “As a partner with Sports Illustrated, we have created a strong platform to enable us to build our site through an extensive Sports Illustrated brand footprint. This provides customers the opportunity to acquire a cost-effective and profitable business over time.

“We look forward to introducing the SI Sportsbook to sports fans across the Colorados and are excited to continue their volume in new states in the coming months.”



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