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Business Technologies acquires Aspire Global in B2C business

Artifact Technology, a global media technology products provider, has announced the acquisition of Aspire Global B2C business.

This Agreement was listed at $75.9m, out of $58.3m in cash, $11.7m in promissory notes and $5.9m in cash value of the common stock. The business is expected to close on 30 November 2021 with the acquisition of Esports Technologies subject to financing and closing requirements.

Sports will see the deal Technologies to acquire Aspires B2C online and online sportsbook brand portfolio. These include brands such as Karamba, Hopa, Dansk777, BetTarget, Griffon Casino, GenerationVIP. This includes, the company will acquire 1.25 million Aspire customers in deposit. Upon completion of the acquisition, both companies will be agreeing to provide four-year services to Aspire.

Aaron Speech, CEO of Advice Technologies, said: “The acquisition of the Aspire B2C business will be an opportunity to transform, increase growth. Our company is in a strong position to benefit from increased enthusiasm and increased enthusiasm for the industry.”

Acquisition is not the only advantage in Sports Technologiesbut strategically placed. Through cross-selling accounts and betting opportunities, this is much more than Sports Technologies’ it strives to increase its customer base, alongside revenue and overall betting transactions.

Aspire B2C executive revenue (at the end of 12 months June 2021) has seen $73.9m in revenue numbers, with EBITDA standing at $8.2m. This season, about $1.8bn of B2C bets and over 1.3 billion bets have been announced. These numbers might seem equally useful in Sports Technologies’ the acquisition and expansion of society.

Tsachi Maimon, Aspire Global CEO, said: “A great ecommerce technology company is a great company with growth ambitions and is a perfect match for our B2C brands. Aspire is a global B2C leading brand, well-established brand of technology, an excellent platform for further growth, and a very talented team that has contributed to B2C growth.

“We are confident that our B2C technology will be set to the next level, and we will welcome Karamba and other B2C brands as new partners.”



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