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Leander partners with Oddsworks to license the Lega RGS platform

Leander, a partnership of independent games, has participated with Oddsworks, a global gaming content specialization company.

The agreement aims to licensing Leander Lega RGS platform and rotate games, using the Leander Lega gaming remote gaming platform in the US.

The agreement marks Oddsworks as the fourth company to operate the online gaming system in North America. This business seems to have been done by Leander and is also just a milestone for the platform licensing deal with the purchase of Oddsworks on its choice of games property.

Steven Matsell, Leander CEO, explained the deal was a great step for the company: “Under the terms of this agreement, Oddsworks has provided an excellent platform to base and provides a great selection of games from Leandro’s catalog. We are really happy to get this deal off the ground.

Across Europe and Latam, the Lega platform has made an honorable name for itself, already indicating itself through GLI-19. Oddsworks’ strategy is to complete its online casino activity in the US, with the aim to provide its gaming library to many employees.

Shridhar Joshi, Oddsworks CEO, said he was “delighted to be the best-of-breed platform to bring user gaming to the United States market. When combined with our content, this platform is rich in long-running capability, speed, reliability and uptimes that Oddsworks has a major influence on gaming gaming of creating.

“We all know that the king is content to be a means of explaining in a most orderly forum. In this business, Oddsworks gets the best of both elements,” Matsell added.



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