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Moon World Resorts Prepares $5bn Las Vegas Hotel-Casino

Canadian design company Moon Resorts World (MWR) is planning a $5bn resort on the Las Vegas Strip, as reported by the Herald.

According to the company, the second largest venue on the skyline, the world’s largest spherical structure, would make tens of millions of annual visits to Las Vegas.

The hotel has a circumference of 224 meters with a casino, 4,000 bedrooms, a cafe, conference center, and ride-tuned space.

MWR founder Michael Henderson has developed two decades of projects blocking the moon’s solar system, with conversations on the creation of such numbers in Asia and Europe.

“Moon World Resorts Inc. is a Canadian based Architectural Design and Intellectual Property Licensor. You can get four luxury, unique Moon Destination Resorts around the world, said Henderson.

An initial plan was planned for Coachella, California in 2016. But that idea is “the only option under consideration,” noted Henderson. “Tourism authorities did not need big projects in a specific area and therefore our plan was not a complete good fit.”

Vegas, however, has “received” so many great projects; “In our view, the state with the most professional development and sponsorship advice, plus Nevada does not fear big hospitality projects, rather welcomes them,” said Henderson.

Plans to help on land recently purchased by Wynn Resorts from Crown Resorts were provided, with proposals set to be completed within four years.



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