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In short, the odds work by first showing if the fighter is a favorite (-) or underdog (+). The number for an underdog shows how much money you win if you were to bet $100 on that fighter. The number by a favorite shows how much money you would have to bet to win $100.


How to read American odds in sports betting?

Oct 03, 2020 · The good news is the odds always increase in parlays which make the payouts bigger. Parlay odds are difficult to figure out. Every betting site will show you updated odds as you add fighters to your bet slip. But if you wanted to see what your parlay odds will be before visiting your preferred betting site, you can use a parlay calculator. For example, let’s say I picked a …

How to understand betting odds?

Mar 07, 2021 · How do betting odds work in MMA? Moneyline (American odds) The American odds are presented using whole numbers which are above 100. Suppose the MMA betting odds are set like this … Decimal odds. Fractional MMA betting odds.

How to bet on MMA?

If you wanted to bet $50 at odds of 6/4 six to four, this is how you would work it out: First you have to add the numbers of the fraction together, in this case it would be 6 + 4 = 10. Then divide this number by the second number, in this case 4. 10 divide by 4 = 2.5. Then multiply this number by your stake. 2.5 x 50 = 125.

How do MMA odds work?

It’s rare for two fighters in MMA to both have negative value odds, but it does happen when two extremely evenly matched fighters fight against each other. Decimal Betting Odds Explained. Jon Jones 1.49 vs. Mauricio Rua 2.65; Decimal odds are used in most countries outside of North America, so we include decimal odds on our site for punters.


Moneyline (American odds)

The American odds are presented using whole numbers which are above 100. Suppose the MMA betting odds are set like this (Khabib -155 vs. Conor +125).In such a matchup, Khabib is the favorite since the odds for him are denoted using a negative sign, while Conor is the underdog since the odds for him are denoted using a positive sign.

Decimal odds

Sometimes, the MMA betting lines come in the form of decimals. Most bettors consider this among the simplest formats. For you to calculate the winnings using these odds, you have to multiply your stake by the presented decimal number. Suppose the MMA betting lines are displayed like this. (Mauricio 2.65 vs. Jones 1.49).

Fractional MMA betting odds

Apart from Moneyline and decimal odds, you can also engage in MMA betting while focusing on fractional odds. Though some people find these odds a bit hard to read, you can slowly get used to them. The MMA betting calculator can help you find out what returns you should expect from these odds.

How much do you have to bet on Fighter B to win?

Fighter B on the other hand has odds of +1000, which means you’d only have to bet $10 to win $100. Working with American odds will take some getting used to and it can be difficult to work out the exact amount of money you will win from your bets at first.

How to calculate decimal odds?

To calculate your winnings using decimal odds, simply multiply your [tooltip text=”stake” gravity=”n”]Your “Stake” is the amount of money you wish to bet tooltip] by the decimal number. &] For example….

What does the minus sign mean in odds?

Minus [-] odds are considered the “favourite”. Odds with the plus

What are decimal odds?

Decimal odds are also known as European odds. To understand decimal odds you always need to remember that your stake and profit are included in the odds. For instance, Jon Jones is favored to win the fight at 1.49 odds. If you bet $100 on Jones at 1.49, you’d win $149 back, which includes your stake and profits.

How to break even on 60%?

To break even betting on an outcome that is predicted to hit at a 60% rate you need to be getting odds of -150. If you’re getting better odds, i.e., -150 to a positive number (+100), then it’s a +EV bet to make, and you should place the bet.

Over Under Round Bets

Another popular bet made on UFC fights is the over under round bet. When making this type of bet, gamblers try to predict the duration of a fight. Often, the given number to wager on is 2.5 rounds. For example, if someone places a bet under 2.5, this means that they believe the fight will end before it reaches half way through the third round.

Prop and Victory Bets

A prop (or proposition) bet is placed based on whether a given event is expected to occur in a fight or not. A prop bet is unique in that it is not classified as a money line or over under round bet. One example of a prop bet is whether a fight will go the distance or not.

Pairing Complementary Bets

In addition to making single bets, gamblers may also pair bets that are complementary to one another. They are allowed to make multiple bets on a fight instead of just one. For example, a gambler may bet on who they believe will win the fight, how the fighter will win, and also on the number of rounds they expect the fight to last.

MMA Betting Strategy

When betting on the UFC or any MMA fight, it is important to understand the rules of the given league and also to be familiar with the fighters competing. This can be done by researching the league’s website along with the skills, fighting styles, and performance history of the relevant fighters.

What is betting against the odds?

Betting Against the Odds. In some instances, betting against the odds is an advantage to sports bettors. You are betting against the odds when you bet on the underdog, where your potential profit is more significant than your stake.

Why do sports use moneyline odds?

Sports like baseball rely solely on moneyline odds due to the lack of point spreads. Typically, moneyline odds are used when you have to pick a winner and a loser between two teams. Moneyline odds can also be used in other bet types like point spreads and totals.

What is vig in sports betting?

This vig, also called sports betting juice, is the sportsbook’s commission from every bet placed on sporting events. Odds are closely linked to the probability of a bet winning. Probabilities usually vary between 5% and 10%, although the standard vig is 10%.

What is the difference between a favorite and an underdog?

Meanwhile, the favorite has a smaller decimal number and a lower risk (more likely to win the game). Note that favorites always have odds lower than 2.0. Underdogs always have odds higher than 2.0.

What is the purpose of odds?

Odds are one of the indicators of whether or not a bet is worth making. Bookmakers (also called bookies) generate and offer these odds, which give bettors an idea how much their payout will be if they win the bet. Oddsmakers adjust the odds to balance out the action on both sides of every game.

What does it mean when a bet is pushed on a moneyline?

In some cases, the game results are a tie (a draw). For a bet to ‘push’ on a moneyline, the game should have ended in a tie and a tie or draw was not one of the bet options. In sports betting, a push happens when there’s a tie between the bettor and the bookmaker or sportsbook.

What are fractional odds?

1. Fractional Odds. These betting odds are often used in Ireland and the U.K. These odds, often called UK odds, are one of the oldest forms used in horse racing. Fractional odds are shown with a slash or dash to separate the numbers representing the amount of stake and the profit that you can earn.

What is moneyline betting in UFC?

UFC moneyline betting simply comes down to betting on who you believe is going to win the fight. For example, Conor McGregor was a -140 favorite for his fight vs Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

What is round betting?

Round Betting. A total rounds wager is similar to an OVER/UNDER bet you would make on any other sport but instead of guessing if the points total will be less or more than the amount set by the sportsbook, you would bet the number of rounds. Option. Rounds.

What is the method of victory bet?

Fight Outcome. The method of victory bet is a wager you place on how the fight will be won instead of who will win it. Using the same example of UFC 205, if you believe McGregor will win via knockout – which he did – that would be your method of victory bet.

What is the difference between the favorite and underdog?

Most sports odds are presented in the same way. The favorite is represented by the minus sign (-), while the underdog is represented by the plus sign (+). You’ll also notice that odds are usually based on bettors wagering $100.

Is UFC fighter versatile?

Moving on. The great UFC fighters are versatile, but regardless of how good a fighter is, he or she is going to have strengths and weaknesses. These show up in the style that the fighter employs.

Do you have to bet $100 on Underdog?

Something to note, you don’t have to bet $100 on the game. You can wager whatever you like, depending on the sportsbook. Kudos to you if you can spell “Nurmagomedov” on your first try.

What Exactly Do The Odds Mean?

So basically, the odds are intended to show which fighter is more likely to win the fight. The fighter most likely to win is called the favorite, while the fighter unlikely to win is called the underdog.

How The Odds Work (How Much Will I Win?)

So now you know what the odds are supposed to represent, but how exactly do they work? Let’s talk about how much money you would make on some bets.

Finding The Best Odds

Alright, so now you understand how the odds work, and you want to start betting. But where do you start?

How Does UFC Betting Work – Deciphering the Odds

If you are betting in the USA, the odds would most likely be in American style. They are positive and negative ones that determine who the favorite and the underdog is. With American odds, no matter which sport we are talking about the odds are based on the customers wagering $100. An example is to show the odds, like this:

Types of Bets and UFC Odds Explained

In this section, we will explain exactly how does UFC betting work and the different betting options you might have when browsing for the perfect UFC odds. You may see that you won’t have as many betting options as other popular leagues, like the NFL or NBA, but the markets available are still popular amongst customers.

How Does UFC Betting Work? – Statistics and Tactics

Although some sports require very complex strategies and tactics because there are a lot of betting markets to choose from, when it comes to the UFC, the betting is straightforward. You will only have to look for a few specific predictions when betting on a fight:

Where to Bet on the UFC? – Popular Sportsbooks

Like all other betting styles, the UFC odds are different at various sportsbooks. To find the best UFC betting odds, you will have to shop for them at different sites. That is why expert bettors have accounts at multiple sportsbooks.


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