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NFL public betting chart

Date Away Home Open Bet%
9/10 – 8:20 Texans Chiefs -10 58/42
9/13 – 1p Seahawks Falcons +1 70/30
9/13 – 1p Jets Bills -5.5 50/50
9/13 – 1p Bears Lions PK 48/52

Mar 15 2022


What percentage do I need to win at NFL betting?

If you believe that the 56 percent are right, you are betting with the public. Conversely, if you believe that the 44 percent are right, you are betting against the public. This is also known as “fading” because you are taking the other side of where the NFL public money is going. Watch for Line Movements

How to find favorable betting lines in NFL?

NFL Public Betting Explained. NFL public betting refers to the overall betting trends regarding a particular match up. For example, when the finalists of Super Bowl LIII were decided, many online gambling sites initially named the Los Angeles Rams favorites, but public betting trends led to the New England Patriots taking that title before the game was played.

Who should I bet on Tonight NFL?

Feb 14, 2022 · NFL betting: The public is jumping all over a Bills Super Bowl title in 2022. Greg Brainos. February 14, 2022, 2:04 PM. Buffalo may have gotten bounced in the divisional round of …

How to read NFL odds?

36 rows · Get public betting percentages on today’s biggest sporting events to see which teams might be overvalued and undervalued by bettors.


Does the public move betting lines?

The most common reason for line movement is that the vast majority of public bettors are betting in one direction. Generally, the highest number of people betting on one side means that that side has the highest amount of money.

Can you legally bet on NFL?

Yes, placing bets on NFL games is legal, and bettors in the USA have two options to do so: Gamblers living within a US state that allows for domestic sportsbooks can simply visit one of these locations and place a bet on an NFL game.

Is betting against the public profitable?

Is Betting Against the Public Profitable? It certainly can be but it’s not as simple as always picking the opposite side to the public. Every situation is different and every bet is different.

Is football rigged for betting?

No, sports betting is not rigged, but it is against your favor because of the vig. In order to make money, sports betting companies collect a commission on losing bets, which is called the vig. Because of that, it may seem like sports betting is rigged, but that’s simply to insure it’s a source of revenue.

Can you sports bet on FanDuel?

Sign up to bet all your favorite teams year-round with the FanDuel Sportsbook app. Register today for FREE to legally bet on all your favorite sports — including pro and college football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more!

How can I gamble online football?

In order to bet on NFL games online, simply sign-up with one of the sports betting sites mentioned above, take advantage of their sign-up offer, make a deposit and wager on all of the markets they have to offer.Mar 1, 2022

Should I bet the underdog?

Underdogs are less likely to win but will result in a higher payout if they do. The value in betting on the underdog is all about noticing when the public are getting too excited about one side of a bet, the favorite. This means that the odds or the points on the underdog will go up, making them a more valuable bet.

What is the most profitable way to bet on sports?

What is the Most Profitable Sport to Bet On?Sports betting is one of the most profitable ways to make money through gambling. … Modern sportsbooks offer a huge range of sports and markets to bet on, with most major sports and events covered.More items…•Nov 24, 2021

How do you fade a public bet?

The idea behind fading the public is simple: you want to bet opposite of the majority because most sports gamblers lose. It seems like you can win with this strategy simply by finding whom the public is betting on and choosing the other outcome.Feb 19, 2019

Does the NFL fixed games?

No Reason For The NFL To Fix Games. While it’s very possible an occasional player may throw a game or that a referee might try to influence an outcome for criminal gambling reasons, it makes no sense that the league would fix games.Jan 27, 2022

Do NFL players fake injuries?

A recent trend that has started to come up more and more in the NFL is players on both offense and defense faking injuries in order to save some clock for their team or just catch their breath.

Who owns the NFL?

List of NFL franchise ownersFranchisePrincipal owner(s)Purchase priceDallas CowboysJerry Jones$140,000,000Denver BroncosJoe Ellis, trustee$71,000,000Detroit LionsSheila Ford Hamp$4,500,000Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers, Inc.—28 more rows

What is a point spread in NFL betting?

The point spread is the most common market (or bet type) in sports betting. It’s essentially the margin of victory–how big or small a win differen…

What is a total or over/under bet in an NFL game?

A total or over/under bet is a wager on how many points will be scored in a game. Who wins or loses doesn’t matter. You can bet on either side of t…

How do moneylines work in NFL betting?

The idea of a moneyline bet is simple, but NFL odds can be confusing at first. Essentially the moneyline is just a bet on which team will win. It d…

Where Can I Bet on the NFL?

If you’re in a U.S. state with legal, online sports betting, there are no shortage of sportsbook options: DraftKings is one of the biggest books in…

What are NFL Consensus Picks?

NFL consensus picks detail the betting percentage that the betting public is on for an NFL game. The NFL consensus provides bettors an indication o…

Should I fade public NFL bets?

Many sports bettors like to fade NFL Public Bets or consensus pick percentages. The numbers behind this betting theory are not as strong as most pe…

Should I bet on NFL favorites more often?

NFL home favorites cover the point-spread 46.25 percent of the time, while road favorites cover a higher percentage of the time at 51.38 percent.

NFL Week 1 Public Betting Splits

This table looks poor, but it is what FanDuel sent us for NFL Week 1 public consensus picks to kick-off the 2021 season.

KC Chiefs Dominate 2021-22 AFC Title Futures Bets – Ridiculous Patriots Volume

The AFC has belonged to the Kansas City Chiefs over the last two seasons. They have two AFC championships and one Super Bowl win under their belt during that time. Once again, the Chiefs are favored to win the AFC, but there are plenty of contenders out there who are…

2021 NFL MVP Odds – DraftKings Bettors Show Faith in Mahomes, Brady & Stafford

Aaron Rodgers is the reigning NFL MVP, but there has not been a repeat MVP since Peyton Manning did it in 2008 and 2009. In all likelihood, someone else is going to be bringing home the hardware in 2021. The NFL betting public is banking on it. DraftKings Sportsbook…

About NFL Consensus Picks

Betting on the NFL is the most popular event in U.S. sports wagering culture. It is also extremely difficult to make money every week of the NFL season. We are not saying that other sports are less complicated, but the grind of the NFL season is very tough on sports bettors.

NFL Consensus FAQ

NFL consensus picks detail the betting percentage that the betting public is on for an NFL game. The NFL consensus provides bettors an indication of how much action sportsbooks are seeing on either side of an NFL matchup.

What is public betting in the NFL?

When you look at the posted odds for a weekly slate of NFL games, you can quickly see the clear favorites and underdogs for the matchups along with games that are considered “toss-ups.” There are also some games in which the betting action has clearly favored one side.

Who is the public betting on in the NFL?

As one set of weekly NFL games wind down, lines start being released for next week’s games. After betting odds are released, the betting public immediately weighs in and starts making bets. The initial game line often moves from this point based on how the money comes in.

What is NFL consensus?

Each week, there are NFL games that look likely to swing one way or the other. This sentiment can evolve into the overall betting narrative for the game.

Should you bet against the public in the NFL?

When you look at public betting on the NFL you open up the doors to some new questions.

What is line movement in NFL betting?

NFL odds and lines don’t stand still after their initial release. Once the bets begin to come in, the lines can shift by a few ticks here and there. It’s always good practice to track these moves as it helps you see the prevailing sentiment on the game.

NFL public betting percentages

NFL public betting percentages can be presented in two ways. The first is as the percentage of total bets that have come in on both sides, while the second is the percentage of total dollars on each team.

NFL public betting chart

For the places that do a solid job of gathering public betting information on a weekly basis, it’s often presented in chart form. You’ll see all of the games for the week listed, the opening and current line, and bet and money percentages.

What is the NFL Consensus?

The consensus is what betting percentage the general public is taking on each side of an NFL game. Some NFL bettors love betting with the public no matter which teams are playing and what the betting trends say. For others, the public is always wrong and they will constantly bet against them when making their football picks.

Watch for Line Movements

Successful point spread betting involves trying to get the best odds. First-time bettors may put their money down on a particular team because they like them, which in turn forces the sportsbook to adjust their opening odds.

Can You Outsmart a Sportsbook by Fading the Public?

A successful oddsmaker is one who anticipates the public by looking at betting trends, past scores and odds. If NFL bettors knew what they were doing on a consistent basis, online betting sites would not make any money. So no, you cannot outsmart a sportsbook. Why?

How Fading the Public Works

When you choose to use the fading the public strategy, you are choosing to bet against public opinion or to use a more technical term public betting trends NFL. Usually, the public bets on a favored team or home team.

NFL Public Betting Trends – Type of Bettors Explained

In sports betting, there are two different kinds of bettors. There are the casual bettors who are inexperienced (also known as the “squares”), and then there are the experienced bettors (also known as the “sharps”.) The sharp bettors generally post winning bet records and aren’t always appreciated by sportsbooks.

Who is the Public Betting on NFL – Taking Advantage of Reverse Line Movements

So many bettors want to know whos the public betting on NFL simply because it sounds like a good idea to bet against the public. As previously mentioned though, it is always best to do your research first before committing to a wager. It is also good to go over the past seasons’ data to see an overview of recent NFL public betting trends.

Cons of Betting Against the Public in NFL

There are unfortunately a few pitfalls related to constantly fading the public. Some of the most prominent include the following:

What is a total in sports betting?

A total (also known as an over/under) allows bettors to choose whether the number of points scored by both teams will be over or under the listed amount. If a total is set at 45, bettors wager on the combined score going over or under 45 points.

What does a plus sign mean in betting?

A +3 underdog needs to lose by less than three points, or win the game, to cover the spread. A minus sign indicates that team is the favorite; a plus sign indicates that team is the underdog.


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