how to read odds in football betting


How to Read Football Odds

  • Method 1 of 3: Understanding Point Spread Odds. Understand that the favored team must win by more than the points listed to pay out. …
  • Method 2 of 3: Learning Money Line Betting. Know that money line odds are based only on which team wins. …
  • Method 3 of 3: Knowing Other Types of Bets. Combine your bets into a parlay for a larger payout. …

Odds are presented as a positive or negative number next to the team’s name. A negative number means the team is favored to win, while a positive number indicates that they are the underdog. Ex: Dallas Cowboys, -135; Seattle Seahawks, +135.


How to read football point spreads?

Aug 26, 2020 · LA Lakers 2.40. Chicago Bulls 1.55. If you chose to place a wager on the LA Lakers at 2.40, you need to multiply your $10 bet by the 2.40 odds given (10 x 2.40) to determine that the payout is $24. It is crucial to understand when you read betting odds that decimal style already includes the amount you wagered.

How to calculate football odds?

For example, in a game between Manchester United and Burnley FC, if the odds of Burnley winning are displayed as 5/1, it is read as `five to one´. It means that for every ₹100 that you bet on Burnley to win, you will win ₹500. This means you will get back ₹600 ( ₹500 is your winning amount + ₹100 your original stake).

What is +500 odds bet?

Dec 04, 2021 · The equation you have to use for calculating decimal odds is: (1/ decimal odds) * 100 = implied probability Let’s use an example to help get a better understanding. Player A has decimal odds of 4.50, fractional odds of 8/2, moneyline odds of …

What are the best football betting sites?

May 26, 2021 · For example, in the NFL, if you bet $100 that New England will win and the line is currently at −1.5 points (i.e., Patriots are +1.5 or Patriots are −1.5), then your margin would be $110. A team’s…


What does +3 mean in football?

Team A is a three-point favorite over Team B. Therefore, the betting spread for Team A is -3, and the point spread for Team B is +3. If you place a bet on Team A at -3, they must win by four points for you to receive a payout. If they win by three, this is a push, which means that you will receive your risk back.

What does +3 mean in the spread?

In a spread bet, the odds are usually set at -110 on both sides, depending on the sportsbook and state. That means whether you bet the Colts -3 or Texans +3, you’ll win the same amount of money if you win the bet.

What does 1.5 mean in football betting?

Over 1.5 goals in a match mean that 2 or more goals are required to win the bet, and 0 or 1 goal means the bet loses. The over 1.5 goals market applies to 90-minute matches (plus additional time) but does not include extra time.Dec 16, 2021

What does +4 mean in sports betting?

The (+4) indicates the point spread, meaning the Chargers would need to win by 4 points for the bet to be successful. This shows that, even though a team may be a sportsbook’s favorite, the final score must cover the point spread for a bet to be successful.Jan 24, 2022

How do you read a spread?

0:264:00Sports Betting: How to Read Point Spreads – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIf. They win by more than 3 points. So if they win by more than 3 because they have the negativeMoreIf. They win by more than 3 points. So if they win by more than 3 because they have the negative sign then they will cover the spread and you will win the bet. So.

How do odds work in football?

Odds are set by a bookmaker and represent the ratio between the stake and winnings on a given outcome, should you wish to place a bet on it. They are usually shown as fractions (eg, 2/1), but can sometimes be shown as decimals (2.00) and you can decide which you prefer to use.5 days ago

What does +2 mean betting?

two or moreSky Bet Help on Twitter: “@BigbobRobinson Hi Steve, 2+ means “two or more”, so two counts, as does more.” / Twitter.Dec 27, 2017

What does Handicap 2.5 mean?

Asian Handicap -2.5 Your team wins by one or two goals = Loss. Your team wins by three goals or more = Win. Your team loses = Loss.

How many is over 2.5 goals?

Statistically speaking, most punters place a bet over or under the 2.5 goals amount. The over 2.5 goals market means that you are betting that the total number of goals scored during the match plus stoppage time will be over 2.5. You will win only if there are three or more goals during the game.

What are minimum odds?

Minimum Odds: Eligible bets normally have odds of -300 to -250 or longer. So, -200 odds would contribute toward the wagering requirement, but a line with -350 odds would not. Only Winnings Paid: When you bet with real-money and win, you receive your wager and winnings.Nov 4, 2021

What odds mean in betting?

In betting, odds represent the ratio between the amounts staked by parties to a wager or bet. Thus, odds of 3 to 1 mean the first party (the bookmaker) stakes three times the amount staked by the second party (the bettor).

How do you pick a winning bet in football?

10 Tips to Win on Football BetsFollow a Tipster. Yes, it’s true, following a tipster won’t guarantee you winning bets. … Try Matched Betting. … Consider Arbitrage Opportunities. … Take the Small Profits. … Understand All Betting Markets. … Use Different Bookmakers. … Track Your Bets. … Never Bet With Your Gut.More items…•Jan 5, 2021

How to pay out a bet on a favored team?

Understand that the favored team must win by more than the points listed to pay out. Check the odds of the game you want to bet on and find the team that has a “-” sign next to its point spread. Check the number listed after the “-” sign so you know how many points the team needs to win by to pay out the bet.

What happens if you win a bet on a point spread?

Get your original bet back if the point spread results in a tie. Usually when you win a bet, you’ ll get your original bet back plus an additional amount based on the odds. If the point spread for both of the teams is a round number, then there could be a tie, also known as a “push.”.

What is the difference between money line odds and point spread odds?

Know that money line odds are based only on which team wins. money line odds are different than point spreads since they don’t concern what the score of the game was . If you bet on the winning team in a money line bet, then you get paid out.

What does “over” mean in football?

The over/under is a single number that’s usually listed for football games, and the number refers to the total number of points both teams score. If you think the teams will score more points than the number listed, then bet over. Otherwise, if you think the team will score less, bey under the number listed.

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Types of Football Odds Formats

It’s critical to understand football odds to win money on the sport. There are three normal bets for football contests that most bettors wager. The main bet for football games is the moneyline. When you place a moneyline bet, you are picking one team straight up to win.

Who offers the best odds?

Before placing a bet on football, you should always check a few sportsbooks to see who offers the best odds as not all operators are priced the same. Generally, we find PointsBet, BetMGM, and DraftKings sportsbook have the best NFL and football odds.

How Do Point Spread Bets Work?

Point spread bets can yield a lot of money. These types of wagers are more complicated than the moneyline and the spread. They must be explained in more detail for people looking to get into football betting.

American Odds Explained

If you’re betting football, you will experience American odds the majority of the time. It’s important to understand how American odds work to understand the betting value. Odds determine how much money you will win for your risk amount.

American Odds

There are three classic formats in which odds are displayed; Fractional odds, decimal odds, and American odds. In this section, we are going to focus on American odds. Most online sportsbooks will display their odds as ‘American odds.’ There are different versions of sports betting odds, but American odds are the most typically used.

How To Calculate Implied Probability

Implied probability reflects the likelihood of a particular outcome, as shown by the odds. Calculating this involves converting odds into a percentage, which then indicates how likely that event will occur against the alternative.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the most straightforward to understand. They are mostly used across Europe, so you are less likely to encounter them in the United States. To calculate decimal odds, you will need to multiply the amount you wish to bet by the decimal odds shown to get your payout. Below is an example of how decimal odds are displayed:

Fractional Odds

Similar to decimal odds, fractional odds are more commonly used in Europe, particularly on horse racing in the UK. These may look unusual to an American bettor, as the odds are displayed like 10/5 or 1/2 that you would encounter if you were to watch the Kentucky Derby.

How To Read Vegas Odds

Las Vegas is known as the gambling mecca of the world. People flock from all corners of the globe to experience the Vegas strip’s bright lights and thriving atmosphere. Before you make the trip, it would be extremely beneficial if you have an understanding Vegas odds.

What US Sportsbooks offer the best odds?

This is always a tricky question as there are so many sports and so many operators now available. Some are better at offering the best odds on football, while another sportsbook may be best at offering the best odds on soccer. However, the two most used sportsbooks we recommend and use for the best odds are

How to Read Betting Odds

Understanding betting odds is extremely important and essential if you’re going to have a successful betting career. The good thing is that it doesn’t take much to read odds and the math isn’t too complicated. Odds in different countries differ, but we’re going to focus on American odds.

How Do Odds Work?

Basically, odds represent the favorable outcome in a game. This can be who wins, what events will happen, or combined point amounts. The three main types of odds are British, European, and American. With that said, though, it’s important to know that the type of bet differs but the payouts do not.

Sportsbook Online

Sportsbooks online are available in most U.S. states and are a great way to place your bets. Not only do they have tons of sports, but they also have so many different bets that you can place. It’s important to make sure it’s legal in your state, though, so you don’t get into any trouble.

Calculating Odds

Sportsbooks calculate odds by putting the amount that will need to be paid out to the amount of money that all bettors have paid. The sportsbooks try to keep both sides as even as possible. Not only will this save them from losing a bunch of money, but it guarantees that anyone who wins can be paid.

Sports Odds Explained: American Odds

Take a look below to learn more about American odds and get a better understanding of them.

Sports Odds Explained: Decimal Odds

In betting, decimal odds are how much the bettor will win for every $1 they wager. The more you wager, the more you win. Take a look below to get a little more information.

Sports Odds Explained: Fractional Odds

There are also fractional odds in betting and these are the ratio of the profit to the total amount at stake. Below you’ll find more in-depth information.

What is the most common type of odds in football?

A team’s odds to win a football game are called its odds. The most common type of odds in football is called a moneyline. When you bet the moneyline, you’re wagering on your team to win without worrying about what the spread is.

Why is football so difficult to predict?

The reason football is so difficult to predict is because there are so many games going on in such a short period of time. One moment, you can bet on the Steelers and be up $100 only to find out an hour later that they lost by 3 points and your money is gone.

What is the point of moneyline betting?

There are 2 key points to remember about moneyline bets. The 1st point relates to how moneyline bets work. If your team has a better chance of winning than its opponent, or if your team has a worse chance of winning than its opponent, your odds will be better if you play on the moneyline rather than in the spread.

What is the best online sportsbook for football?

Best Online Sportsbooks for Football. The 2 most popular places to bet on football are Draftkings and FanDuel, both of which are very popular with pro football fans.

Why are spreads rare?

Single-digit spreads are common, but double-digit spread bets are rare. The reason the spreads for these bets is rare is because of how they work. If 2 teams have a spread of 7 points, the winning team needs to win by more than 7 points for a bet to return a profit.

What is a points spread?

A points spread is a fraction of the amount that you wager on the side you think will win. For example, in the NFL, if you bet $100 that New England will win and the line is currently at −1.5 points (i.e., Patriots are +1.5 or Patriots are −1.5), then your margin would be $110. A team’s odds to win a football game are called its odds.

What does the +7 spread mean?

A. 1. The +7 spread means that the underdog has to outscore the favorite by 7 points in order for your bet to win. For example, if San Diego was a 3-point underdog, and they beat Philadelphia by 2 points, you would win your bet because you had bet on them to beat Philadelphia by more than 3 points.

What are Parlays?

College football betting doesn’t stop at straight bets like money lines and spreads. You can combine straight bets into a parlay to take your online betting to the next level.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is an exhilarating way to make every play count regardless of the score, stakes, or pregame betting.

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