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When is the quarantine eating challenge?

The Quarantine Eating Challenge is a four day tournament that starts on April 17 th at 7 PM ET and will be streamed live on MLE’s official YouTube channel. The following contestants will compete in this superhuman event:

Who is the #3 hot dog eater in the MLE?

Stonie is the #3 ranked eater in the MLE and a former hot dog eating champ who dethroned Chestnut in 2015. That victory catapulted Stonie into eating superstardom. Since then, he’s gone on to set numerous world records for a variety of different foods.

Who is the #1 ranked eater in the world?

Joey Chestnut isn’t just the #1 ranked eater in the world, but he’s also the Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth of the sport. Chestnut has reached world fame by winning the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 11 of the last 12 years.

Who is the tallest MLE player?

The 6’9” Oji is the tallest MLE competitor and ranked 5 th in the world. Oji is a former basketball player who really stepped into the spotlight in 2016 after his hardcourt playing days were over.

Who is Miki Sudo?

Miki Sudo is the world’s 6 th ranked competitive eater, but #1 among all women. She’s won six straight Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contests and can even hang with the top men in the sport.

Who is the second best female eater in the world?

Lesco is the perennial second best female eater in the world. She’s currently ranked 10 th with the MLE and has brought the fight to Sudo over the last few years, but seems to come up short. Yet, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been successful in her career.

Who is Rick Rockwell?

As a longtime freelance writer, avid sports fan, former athlete, and experienced sports bettor, Rick Rockwell has risen up the ranks at to become the self-professed “King of the Blog” in his first year with the site. …


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