what does -3.5 mean in betting


Detroit at -3.5 is a 3.5-point favorite. In all areas of sports wagering, a plus-sign always indicates an underdog, with a minus sign indicating the favorite. If you bet on Green Bay at +3.5, a bet on them will win if they either win the game outright or if they lose by a number not exceeding 3.5.


What are the rules for betting?

A spread of +3 means the team listed as the underdog must win the game or lose by fewer than three points to cash the bet. Joined: 2 years ago Over 3.5 goals means that at the end of the football match the game must have had 4 or more goals scored for the bet to have won, and similar if you bet on under 3.5 goals, the game would have to have ended with under 4 goals for …

What do the betting odds exactly mean?

Sep 05, 2021 · What does under 3.5 means in betting? 5 or UNDER 3.5: Under 3.5 meaning is that you are placing your bet on a match that there will be less than four goals scored by the two squads combined by the end of the match, that is, three …

What is an example of betting?

Pro Football Reference quotes -3.5 as the closing line. In this case, the Chiefs won the game but didn’t “cover the spread” (win by more than the handicap). Simple arithmetic tells you 27 – 3.5 = 23.5. Since 24 > 23.5 (the Chiefs’ handicap-adjusted score), Chiefs bets at -3.5 lost. The books kept the bettor’s stake.

What do Plus and minus signs mean in sports betting?

Dec 26, 2019 · Your bet all depends on whichever spread you bet on, whether it was when the Eagles were favored by 4.5 or 3.5 points. If you ever see “PK” or “pick” next to a team, it means there’s no spread and…


What does +/- in betting mean?

The Money Line: Odds for a game based on $1.00 A “minus” (-) preceding the number indicates the team is a favorite. A “plus” (+) preceding the number indicates the team is an underdog. Example: Bet No.

What does +200 mean in betting?

When odds are expressed with a + or a – followed by a number, they are American money line odds: +200 signifies the amount a bettor could win if wagering $100. If the bet works out, the player would receive a total payout of $300 ($200 net profit + $100 initial stake).

What does -/+ mean in sports betting?

The plus (+) and minus (-) in sports betting can refer to either the point spread or betting odds. In terms of the spread, the ” – ” always refers to the favorite and the ” + ” always refers to the underdog.

What does +1.5 mean on a bet?

Betting odds and lines from a sportsbook can be confusing at first, but they aren’t that hard to understand. In order to help you understand betting odds, we will use +1.5 as an example. When you see a +1.5 in front of a team’s name, that means that they are 1.5-point underdogs in that matchup.Nov 7, 2020

What happens if you bet $100 on a money line?

If you bet $100 on a -130 moneyline favorite (lower risk), you could win $77 (plus your original $100 wager). If you bet $100 on a +110 moneyline underdog, you could win $110 (plus your original $100 wager). You must be cautious of the size of the moneylines you bet and how much they return.

What happens if you bet $100 on a +140 money line?

An underdog at +140 moneyline odds means a $100 winner nets you $140 in profit.

What does a +7 spread mean?

What does +7 spread mean? If the spread is seven points for a game, it means the underdog is getting seven points, noted as +7 on the odds. A team posted at -7 is the favorite and is laying seven points.May 27, 2020

What does minus 7 mean in betting?

Plus and Minus Odds If you bet the Cowboys -7 and they win by more than seven points, you win your bet. Similarly, if you bet the Packers +7 and they lose by less than seven points or win outright, you win your bet.

What does +4 spread mean?

The Rams needed to win by 5 or more points to cover the spread. Cincinnati was a 4 point underdog. This appeared as Bengals +4. That means the Bengals would have needed to win the game outright or not lose the contest by 5 points or more.

What does plus 3 spread mean?

In a spread bet, the odds are usually set at -110 on both sides, depending on the sportsbook and state. That means whether you bet the Colts -3 or Texans +3, you’ll win the same amount of money if you win the bet.

What does Handicap 2.5 mean?

Asian Handicap -2.5 Your team wins by one or two goals = Loss. Your team wins by three goals or more = Win. Your team loses = Loss.

What does it mean when the Giants are +150?

The Giants are the underdogs. If they’re +150, that means you could bet $100 to win $150. Note that you can bet any amount you want, but those numbers are always calculated and posted the same way, either in how much money you would need to wager to win $100 or how much money you could win by wagering $100.

Which team has a minus symbol?

Philadelphia Eagles (-200) New York Giants (+150) The team with a minus symbol is the favorite, and the number is how much money you would need to bet to win $100. In this case, you would have to bet $200 on the Eagles in order to win an additional $100. The Giants are the underdogs.

What is the industry standard for basketball betting?

The industry-standard is -110, meaning you bet $110 for every $100 you hope to win. But with a little work, you can find a -105 line where you only bet $105 for every $100 you want to win. Basketball Betting Odds: Standard basketball also operates on the point-spread. A number is applied to all basketball games.

How much do you bet on a favorite if it’s a 300?

Therefore, if a favorite is -300, you need to bet $300 to win $100. If an underdog is +300, you win $300 for every $100 you bet. And the $100 watermark is just to make it easier to understand. You could bet any amount and the odds would just break down proportionately.

What does minus mean on a money line?

Money lines allow for more nuance and precision. Just remember this: minus means favorite and plus means underdog . With favorites, the number next to the minus sign is what you need to bet in order to win $100. The number you see next to the plus-sign is how much you win if you bet $100.

What is the difference between a draw and a favorite in soccer?

One major difference is the playability of the “draw” option. With so many games knotted up after 90 minutes of regulation time, it’s not unusual that the draw is the favorite, receiving lower odds than either of the teams to simply win the game. The money line is a key part of soccer betting.

What is Boston favorite?

Boston is the favorite at -175, meaning you must bet $175 for every $100 you hope to win. Whenever you see a minus-sign, that’s how much you have to bet to win $100. In summary, minus + a number means you BET that amount for every $100 you want to win. Plus + a number means you WIN that amount for every $100 you bet.

What does plus a number mean in hockey betting?

Plus + a number means you WIN that amount for every $100 you bet. Hockey Betting Odds: Standard hockey betting operates on the money line. Look at the money line as simply a way to express odds. In hockey betting, you pick the winner of the game. One team is a favorite, with one team being an underdog.

What is point spread in sports betting?

There are, however, two things you can learn that will have you ready to understand most things thrown your way in the arena of sports wagering: Point Spreads: A way to even out a game to give equal appeal to both sides of a bet.

What does a plus or minus sign mean in basketball?

A plus or minus sign and a fractional or whole single or two-digit (for bets on the total in basketball) number usually denotes a handicap bet. Handicap is a bet on the victory of a particular team with some adjustment.

What is a positive handicap?

Positive handicaps are usually given to a clear underdog. In case a player bet on the victory of an underdog with a handicap (+2.5), and the match ended with a minimal victory of the favorite, it can be said that the bet won. Negative handicap, respectively, is set to the favorite.

What are the different types of handicaps?

Types of handicaps. A handicap can be an integer: (-1), (+1) and so on. With such a bet the player can get a return if, for example, he bet on -1 for the first team, and it wins with a difference of only one goal. A handicap can be fraction al: (-1.5), (-2.5), (+1.5), (+2.5) and so on.

What is the over 3.5 bet?

The Over 3.5 bet assumes that the sum of a final score of a sports match will be more than 3.5. Let’s suppose that a game ended with a score of 3: 1, then the total goals of a meeting 3 + 1 = 4.

What is the total score of a meeting 3 + 1?

Let’s suppose that a game ended with a score of 3: 1, then the total goals of a meeting 3 + 1 = 4. Winning: More than 3 goals (points scored) will be scored during a match or a part of it. For example, for a victory such results as 1: 6, 3: 3, 29:61 will suit. Going down: In a game (period, quarter), less than 3 goals (points, balls) are scored.


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