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Both Teams To Score

What is BTTS in bet?

Both Teams to Score, or BTTS, to give it its often-used shortened name, is a method mostly used in football. The BTTS market is simple on the surface but offers several intricacies which can provide a betting experience like no other.

How do you win a bet on BTTS?

Your team to win could end up being 2 or 3 nil down before the end of the match, effectively killing your bet. However, with the BTTS betting option, even if one team is down 4-0, if they manage to score just a single goal before the final whistle, your bet will be a winner.

What is the best odds for BTTS?

If you fancy BTTS, don’t fancy 1-1 and the odds on over 2.5 goals is better than over 2.5 goals is the better bet.

What does any 3 to win & BTTS mean?

A BTTS and Win market is when you predict that both teams will score during a game and one of the teams will also win the game.

Which league has most BTTS?

So here’s the Top 10 list (well, 14 actually) of leagues that have the highest average for both teams to score (BTTS), which are currently underway and have played 25% or more of their matches (as at 21st October 2018)….Pos1CountrySwitzerlandLeagueSuper LeaguePercentage71%13 more columns•Oct 21, 2018

What is the easiest bet to win?

So, whether you want to bet on horse racing, football, or any other sport, win singles are the easiest bets to win.Living The Accumulator Dream. … Win Singles On Horse Racing. … Win Singles On Football. … Win Singles On Other Sports. … Bet Like A Professional Gambler. … Grow Your Betting Bank.

What does BTTS no mean?

It’s an abbreviation of a term used in football betting standing for ‘Both Teams To Score’ where punters can bet whether both clubs in a match will score or not. You normally select between two options for this market in – BTTS: Yes or BTTS: No. If both teams scored and you selected BTTS: Yes, then you’ll win your bet.Aug 20, 2020

What is Matchbet?

Matched betting is a sort of betting that allows customers to profit from bookies’ free bet offers by implementing a mathematical equation rather than luck. People also call it “double betting” sometimes.Jul 10, 2020

What does GG NG 2+ mean in bet9ja?

GG/NG 2+ You have to predict whether the both teams will score at least 2 goals during the match.There are 2 possible options: GG: both teams will score at least 2 goals during the match. NG: one team or both team will not score either 2 goals during the match.Mar 1, 2022

What is BTTS in football?

What does BTTS mean? BTTS stands for Both Teams To Score, and is a type of betting based on whether both teams score in a match or not. It is unique to football and is hugely popular among fans.

Whats 20+ Booking points mean?

Rules to be aware of You may see bookmakers use terms such as 20+ booking points. If there are bang on 20 points in the game, this bet will be a winner. If there are more than 20 booking points this will also be a winner.Feb 9, 2021

What is BTS soccer?

The “both teams to score” wager is a relatively recent addition to the soccer betting markets. Often abbreviated to BTTS, it has continued to grow in popularity sine its creation. In fact, it’s become one of the most commonly placed wagers by those who bet on soccer.

What is the meaning of Goals Galore?

This is another term for “both teams will score at least one goal”. Basically, it is a different name for BTTS bets. It is a type of bet invented o…

What is the meaning of both teams to score +2?

This means you are betting that both teams will score at least two (or more) goals each (instead of one) until the match ends.

What is the meaning of both teams to score no draw?

This means you are betting on both teams will score at least one goal and the score won’t be a tie (there will be a clear winner).

Which league is best for both teams to score bets?

According to statistics, the Dutch Eredivisie and the Belgium Pro leagues have the highest BTTS numbers. However, any competitive global league wil…

Is overtime counted in BTTS bets?

Yes, this option is available at some bookmakers. However, remember that you must place your bet until the match ends (within 90 minutes) and, more…

What does BTTS mean in betting?

The BTTS meaning is simple – it’s short for both teams to score, which means that your bet will win if they both score a goal or point in a match.

How do you predict BTTS?

It’s simple – you will need to predict if both teams will score in a match. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the game should end in a draw. As long…

What is both teams to score no draw?

Both teams to score no draw is a special type of bet. It means that the match should end with one side winning, but the other should score too. For…

Do extra-time goals count in BTTS bets?

No, they don’t. Extra-time goals are a different market from regular ones such as BTTS.

How to bet both teams to score on Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the best football bookies around, offering a slew of bets, including BTTS. Find the market among the options and click on the odds…

Is both teams to score a good bet?

Yes, it is, and it’s effortless to learn too. It is a bet that’s great for beginners and can often feature great returns.

What does BTTS stand for in betting?

The abbreviation ‘BTTS’ stands for ‘both teams to score’ . When you bet on the BTTS market, you are betting on whether both teams will score during a match.

What is BTTS in football?

BTTS is a market that exists predominantly for football, as it is such a low-scoring sport and the chances of at least one of the teams not scoring is relatively high.

Can you put a BTTS bet on a betslip?

If you select ‘ No’, you are adding a bet on at least one team failing to score to your betslip. You can put together a BTTS accumulator by adding multiple BTTS bets to the same betslip. Additionally, you can include BTTS bets in a more varied accumulator – perhaps by combining it with other win/draw/win selections.

Is a BTTS bet a loser?

If, for example, a cup game ends 0-0 in extra time but finishes 1-1 after extra time, a ‘BTTS yes’ bet would still be a loser.

What Is BTTS Betting?

BTTS is one of the most straightforward bets you can place at your favorite bookies. It allows you to predict whether both teams will score. You don’t need to guess the right score or the winner of the match. You’ll just be betting on both teams to score, and if they do, you win your wager.

How the Both Teams to Score Bet Type Works

As explained above, your bet will win if the match ends with both teams scoring. Don’t just stick to those above (2-2) examples. In that particular match, even a 1-3 Barcelona defeat will bring you money.

Both Teams to Score Bet Types

There are plenty of bet types that cover BTTS you should know about. Both teams to score bet types are available at the best bookies on our list, including BTTS in the first or second half, BTTS for both halves, and more.

Mastering the BTTS Betting Strategy

While BTTS betting is easier to understand than others, it still requires a good strategy if you want to be successful. BTTS betting is especially suitable for derbies or teams with poor defense. A tough match where both teams are given equal chances is when you should skip this bet.

Both Teams to Score Betting Tips

The great thing about online bookies is that they often share tips for different types of bets. You can easily find BTTS betting tips online, giving you a clearer idea of what to expect in a match. These are usually free and an integral part of upping your chances to win your BTTS bets.

When to Place BTTS Bets & Win

As mentioned earlier, BTTS bets work best in derbies or teams with poor defense. In this case, never wager on teams – always do your research and bet on the probability of both teams scoring. The best football bookies will have great bonus offers or free bets you can use to place a BTTS bet and possibly win.

How To Make Money Betting On BTTS

Did you know you can use BTTS bets to help you win every time you place a bet?

Why Is Betting On The BTTS Market So Popular?

Now you know the answer to what does BTTS mean, you will see the appeal of these bets to punters.


Almost every website that predicts BTTS tips will be affiliated with bookmakers.

What Does BTTS Mean in betting?

As explained above, BTTS refers to the bet ‘both teams to score’ and even though it’s mostly used for football betting, it can also be available in other sports. BTTS is mostly used in football, since it’s a low scoring game compared to other sports and there is a possibility of one or no teams scoring in the entire course of the match.

How Does a BTTS Bet Work?

Both teams to score is a very straightforward bet to understand and when it comes to wagering. All online football betting sites have BTTS bet available and it will present you with two options which will look something like the following example from the Premier League:

Both Teams to Score Tips

This is where it gets interesting. The BTTS bet is simple to understand but it takes research and awareness to become profitable in the long run. The following are some BTTS and win tips to help you improve your chances of getting this bet right.

Analysing BTTS Stats

BTTS stats are the difference between profits and losses. Many new punters make the mistake of overlooking important data before placing a BTTS bet and since it’s a purely goals betting market, BTTS stats will be more available and accessible.

Offensive Teams & Important Statistics

Teams with an offensive style of play are a great option for BTTS and as explained in the section above, the quicker both teams score, the quicker you’ll get paid. Some of the BTTS stats you should be aware of include:

BTTS in Both Halves

BTTS works exactly the same way as the regular BTTS bet, but it has to happen in both halves for the bet to come through. For example, if Chelsea vs Arsenal finish the first half 1-1, both teams will need to score again in order to win the bet.

BTTS & Win Bet

BTTS and win bet adds a dynamic to the bet where you would also need to pick a team to win the game, apart from both teams scoring the game. The odds for this bet will also be higher as it’s harder to predict, but if used correctly, there’s potential for big payouts.


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