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What does BTTs mean in football betting?

Oct 12, 2021 · BTTS is one of the most straightforward bets you can place at your favorite bookies. It allows you to predict whether both teams will score. You don’t need to guess the right score or the winner of the match. You’ll just be betting on both teams to score, and if they do, you win your wager. Let’s say Barca and Real Madrid are playing this weekend.

How does The BTTs market work?

So, what does BTTS stand for? This the short form of “ both teams to score ”. It is a type of betting that is most common in football, so we can ask this question as what does BTTS mean in football betting too. Both teams to score bet, as the name suggests, indicates that both teams will score at least one goal in a given match.

Which bookmakers offer BTTs betting?

Feb 22, 2021 · Both Teams To Score (BTTS) Betting In Football. Today, football gambling websites like to offer their punters as many betting options as possible. And with the popularity of online sports wagering continuing to increase, it’s likely we’ll see this trend continue for quite some time. BTTS – also known as Both Teams To Score – is one of the most popular and …

What is ‘both teams to score’ betting?

Oct 30, 2020 · So, what is BTTS in betting? BTTS actually means Both Teams To Score. The point is that you can place a bet and guess whether both teams will score or not. Obviously, there are two options: YES and NO. Most of the time, this bet is exclusive in football. BTTS Betting can bring you an enormous amount of money, even though it sounds pretty simple and easy to understand.


What does BTTS mean in betting?

The BTTS meaning is simple – it’s short for both teams to score, which means that your bet will win if they both score a goal or point in a match.

How do you predict BTTS?

It’s simple – you will need to predict if both teams will score in a match. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the game should end in a draw. As long…

What is both teams to score no draw?

Both teams to score no draw is a special type of bet. It means that the match should end with one side winning, but the other should score too. For…

Do extra-time goals count in BTTS bets?

No, they don’t. Extra-time goals are a different market from regular ones such as BTTS.

How to bet both teams to score on Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the best football bookies around, offering a slew of bets, including BTTS. Find the market among the options and click on the odds…

Is both teams to score a good bet?

Yes, it is, and it’s effortless to learn too. It is a bet that’s great for beginners and can often feature great returns.

What is the meaning of Goals Galore?

This is another term for “both teams will score at least one goal”. Basically, it is a different name for BTTS bets. It is a type of bet invented o…

What is the meaning of both teams to score +2?

This means you are betting that both teams will score at least two (or more) goals each (instead of one) until the match ends.

What is the meaning of both teams to score no draw?

This means you are betting on both teams will score at least one goal and the score won’t be a tie (there will be a clear winner).

Which league is best for both teams to score bets?

According to statistics, the Dutch Eredivisie and the Belgium Pro leagues have the highest BTTS numbers. However, any competitive global league wil…

Is overtime counted in BTTS bets?

Yes, this option is available at some bookmakers. However, remember that you must place your bet until the match ends (within 90 minutes) and, more…

What is the meaning of a BTTS bet?

Both Teams to Score, or BTTS, to give it its often-used shortened name, is a method mostly used in football. The BTTS market is simple on the surface but offers several intricacies which can provide a betting experience like no other.

BTTS betting on Football explained

The beauty of BTTS betting is that the punter’s bet is valid until the last minute of the match – but the bet could also be won inside a matter of minutes with an early goal for both sides.

Do extra-time goals count in BTTS bets?

No. BTTS betting only includes 90 minutes plus injury time so be wary when betting in knockout competitions like the UEFA Champions League, Carabao Cup or FA Cup as goals scored in extra-time will not be included in your bet.

Example of a BTTS bet

Few markets allow the punter to be as creative as in BTTS betting. Unlike the more traditional outright and correct score bets, BTTS betting ensures the bet is never over until the final whistle. For example, if Manchester City are leading Swansea City 4-0 at half-time, an outright bet is all-but over.

How BTTS bets look on a bookmaker website

To get involved in BTTS betting, most bookmakers require you to select a match market; for example, Fulham v Porto as seen below. BTTS betting tends to be positioned below the outright and correct score bets, with Sky Bet here offering numerous variables.

Using BTTS selections in an accumulator bet

Using BTTS betting in an accumulator betting tip is an extremely popular method as it doesn’t require the punter to bet on a match result, which is obviously more difficult to predict. Accumulator bets can offer higher odds and often see phenomenal results when they come off.

Where can I find tips for BTTS?

If you’re looking to get involved in BTTS bets but aren’t sure on what selections you’d like including then take a look at our BTTS tips pages for more insight an help:

What is the 2nd tier of Austrian football?

The 2nd tier of Austrian football was one of the top leagues for both teams scoring in matches. It occurred in over 67% of matches during the 2019/20 season. The team highest in this table was SV Horn, 90% of their matches ended up with both teams scoring.

Does extra time count in BTTS?

Does Extra-time Count?#N#No. BTTS betting only includes the 90 minutes plus injury time, so you need to be wary when betting in knockout competitions like the UEFA Champions League, League Cup or FA Cup. Goals scored in extra-time will not be included in your bet.

BTTS Betting Variations

Along with the classic BTTS bet, there are, now, a number of “offshoot” bets which bookies have started to offer. Below, I’m going to run through some of the most popular.

What Makes A Good BTTS Betting Site

I also receive questions about how I go about picking which betting sites to recommend. Let me be very clear: I don’t list a bookmaker simply because they have a big name. Instead, I look at a number of metrics to determine whether they’re a site I’d be happy to recommend or not.

BTTS Bets: Things To Know

The first thing you should know about placing a BTTS bet is that the odds, at first, won’t look great; in fact, the odds are usually worse than the odds you’d find on straight-up match betting.

Using BTTS Bets In An Accumulator

Got the hang of the BTTS abbreviation yet? Great – because you’ll need to get used to it! One of the best ways of using BTTS bets in a football match is to place multiple BTTS bets. This is then called an accumulator bet, and it’s one of the best ways to bet on football matches, in my opinion.

My Thoughts On BTTS Bets

When I first heard the term BTTS market – many, many years ago – I wasn’t sure what separated it from other betting market options. In the years (almost a decade!) that have followed, I too can now see why it’s one of the most popular betting options around.

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