what is double result in betting


A double result bet is a way of parlaying the same result twice in one game. If you strongly believe a particular team will win wire to wire, the odds offered on a double result wager are much greater then just simply taking Team A to win.

When you place a double result bet, you are betting on two outcomes in one match with one stake. A double bet is a single betting option that combines the score of a game at half-time and the score at the end of the game. Assuming the half-time bet wins, the stake is then carried over to the second bet.Oct 15, 2020


What does double result mean in sports betting?

A double result bet is where sports betting players attempt to profit from predicting the result of a match at half-time as well as the final result. Double result bets offer better value than a standard moneyline or head-to-head bet but carry more uncertainty.

What is a double result BET in sports betting?

Mar 06, 2022 · A double result bet is when you wager on two possible outcomes for one event. This type of wager is like a two-leg same game parlay, as both need to …

What does double chance 12 mean in betting?

How does a double work in betting?


What is a double result bet example?

In a “double result”, you are looking to correctly bet on the outcome after half-time and the outcome after full-time. So, in the example listed above, if the game was tied at half-time but Swansea ended up winning, this line would end up paying out.

How does a double work in betting?

A double bet is the most simple and straightforward multiple bet available. As the name suggests, it is simply two different selections bundled together into one bet. If the bettor makes two winning selections, they win and get a greater payout than they would if they have just placed two separate single bets.

What is double result on Fanduel?

Double Result: For this wager you are choosing which team will be winning at the end of the 1st period followed by which team will be winning at the end of the 3rd period. So if you select Team A/Draw, your wager would be on Team A to be winning after the 1st period and a draw at the end of the 3rd period.

How do you calculate a double bet?

When you think about how to work out Double Bet odds, there is an easy equation that you can use. It states: Double Bet odds = (Odds of Selection A x odds of Selection B) + (Odds of Selection A + odds of Selection B)

What does a daily double pay?

The Daily Racing Form’s glossary defines a daily double as two consecutive races. . Because of the increased difficulty of picking two straight winners, winning daily double bets pay off at higher odds than betting both horses to win, or even parlaying them, due to the lack of a second win takeout.

Do William Hill pay double result?

William Hill Enhanced Places On Selected Races William Hill has earned a reputation for offering double the normal places on some races. These offers may be aimed at attracting punters to place all their bets with them, but that doesn’t stop you being selective when you can get the best value.

Does Paddy Power pay double results?

We pay double result on all horse racing selections running in Ireland and the UK which are covered in Full Service. Double result/first past the post bets are subject to the maximum payout limits set out in the table below (Note: applies only to meetings covered by Full Service).

Why did Fanduel void my bet?

If a match does not start on the scheduled start date and is not completed within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, all bets will be void except for those on markets which have been unconditionally determined. The void rule applies for all markets where a draw/tie price is not offered.

What Does Double Result Mean in Sports Betting?

  • For instance, you can bet on a half-time tie, and Team A ends up winning the game entirely. Conversely, you can bet on a team B winning both the first and the second half or a tie. That way, you can predict two results with one bet resulting in higher odds. Boxing is a bit different in the fact that you can only pick a winner. Still, you can bet on multiple things at the same time. A dou…

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Benefits to Using The Double Result Bet

  • When it comes to placing a double results bet, you should expect greater odds than when wagering simply. This might imply that if you win, you may walk away with substantially more money depending on which double results bet line you picked. Let’s say that you placed a bet on a Loss/Loss on a very popular home team and won. If you had bet on a single result, the odds wou…

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Drawbacks to Using This Type of Bet

  • On the other side of the coin, there is a greater chance of losing a double result than there is in winning a straight forward bet. Because there are nine potential outcomes in a double result wager, whereas only three are possibilities in a straightforward wager, this is the case. In addition, in order to win the bet, both half-time results must be the same. If one team wins by a small amo…

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Double Result Betting Strategy

  • Double result betting is a more advanced form of betting. You may need to be familiar with the strategies for wagering on different scenarios. For example, if one of the teams is expected to win by a large margin, it might be best to put all your risk into them winning in both halves. Knowing what kind of odds you want at the time of placing your bet is important. If you’re betting on favor…

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  • In conclusion, it may seem like this bet is for everyone but that’s not the case. It does come with more risk even though there is a greater potential for reward. If you’re not confident in the team that you’re betting against, this isn’t the best bet to place because of how low the odds are compared to other types of bets. In sports gambling, it’s never smart to play with risk if you can’…

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