what is handicapping in betting


Handicapping is to analyze a game or event in an attempt to get a sense of who is likely to win so that you can profit from through betting. Handicapping, ideally, will help you understand the probabilities of each team winning or covering the spread.

Handicap betting is a way for the bookies to make a sporting contest a more even event. As the official definition of handicap is ‘a circumstance that makes progress or success difficult’. The Bookies give one selection in an event a ‘handicap’ which they must overcome to win.Jan 11, 2020


What is handicap betting, and how does it work?

Sep 07, 2021 · A widely popular market in Asia and around the world, handicap is a unique type of bet that levels the playing field between 2 teams that aren’t matched evenly. A handicap bet puts the favorite at a slight disadvantage to give the underdog better chances to …

What does Handicap in betting mean?

Mar 11, 2022 · Handicapping is the process of identifying and finding a winning horse based on all the information available. Individuals who master the process of research and know which data is most important are called handicappers. Handicapping requires the ability to analyze available data in what is known as past performances.

How to make a handicap bet at a sportsbook?

Oct 01, 2014 · Handicapping is to analyze a game or event in an attempt to get a sense of who is likely to win so that you can profit from through betting. Handicapping, ideally, will help you understand the…

What is handicap betting in football?

Jan 18, 2020 · At first glance, it might seem that the word “handicap” has nothing to do with bets, but this is not so. Handicap – this is just one of the types of bets that was invented in the United States. The main goal of this bet is to equalize the forces of two rivals. Why does the bookmaker need to equalize the strength of the teams?


What does handicap in betting mean?

Handicap betting, also called “point betting,” or “line betting,” is used to even out the playing field between two teams who are not evenly matched. The bookmaker gives a virtual advantage to the weaker team, and a virtual disadvantage to the stronger side.Aug 3, 2020

What do handicappers do?

A sports betting handicapper is someone who studies and wagers on sporting events. This definition can refer to almost anyone who bets on sports, assuming that person takes time to find an edge against the sportsbooks with the goal of turning a profit.

How do you win a handicap bet?

The handicap market is where you bet on a team that begins the game with a disadvantage (or handicap) and needs to score more goals in order to beat the opposition. Alternatively the opposition is given a head start at the beginning of the game, and can win the game by just drawing the match (or winning outright).Apr 10, 2021

What does +1 handicap mean?

1 handicap e.g. Arsenal (-1.0) v Newcastle (1.0) If you’re backing Arsenal they must win by at two goals for you to win your bet. However, if you’re backing Arsenal and they only win by one goal, the result is effectively a draw and your stake is refunded.

Is being a handicapper legal?

Generally speaking, publishing one’s opinion on a website is protected by the First Amendment, and thus remains legal. However, sports wagering is illegal under the Wire Wager Act. Assisting or facilitating sports wagering by a third party is also illegal under various accomplice liability statutes.Jul 4, 2014

How do people handicap sports?

5 Basic Concepts of Handicapping SportsLook for the opening odds. … Does the team have homefield advantage. … Overall team strength. … Are there any matchup advantages. … Look at the teams recent play. … 1. News and Notes. … Line Movements. … Public Betting Action.

Is handicap the same as spread?

A handicap bet is pretty much the same thing as a point spread bet. The terminology is popular in the United Kingdom, Europe, and most of the rest of the world.

What does being handicap mean?

1. Sports & Games To assign handicaps or a handicap to (a contestant). 2. To cause to be at a disadvantage; impede.

What does handicap +2.5 means?

Asian Handicap +2.5 Your team wins = Win. Your team loses by one or two goals = Win. Your team loses by three goals or more = Loss. The match ends in a draw = Win.

What does a +4 handicap mean?

Your golf handicap is the number of strokes you played over what is considered the average strokes for that course. So, a par 4 means that it should take you 4 strokes to sink the ball.

What is a +2 handicap?

While the majority of golfers shoot over par, there is a positive handicap as well. For example, a +2 handicap means you normally shoot around two under. PGA Tour pros are usually in the +4 to +6 range on championship-level golf courses.

Is a 1 handicap good?

In other words, it is a handicap of between 1 and 9. Different people may have different definitions of a low handicap. For example, a golfer with a handicap of 2 might not feel that 9 is considered low. Still, anyone with a single-digit handicap is a skilled golfer.

What Is Handicap Betting?

The handicap definition says that it’s a process where a bookie turns a sporting event into an even money contest. The bookie gives the favorite a virtual advantage or puts a team at a disadvantage to level the playing field. For example, it might give the weaker team an edge over the favorite to have even chances.

How Does Handicap Betting Work?

Placing handicap bets online is very easy. The process is no different than placing any other wager. All you need to do is find a handicapped match to bet on and click on the odds. The selection will be added to your slip immediately, and the system will calculate the payout.

What Sports Can Handicaps Be Used for?

Handicaps are most commonly used in football, but they also apply to tennis, golf, darts, snooker, and rugby.


We hope that BetZillion’s guide to what is the meaning of handicap in betting showed you why you need to bet on handicaps. It’s a much more exciting way to bet on football and other sports. Handicaps are often pretty lucrative so that you can make serious money on them.

Why does the bookmaker need to equalize the strength of the teams?

In sports, it often happens that one team is much stronger than the other. Everyone understands how their confrontation will end. That is why the coefficient on the favorite will be minimal. And what’s the point of bettor betting on a coefficient of the form 1.05. With such numbers as you can’t bet, you won’t win much.

What are the handicaps

The handicap is also not alone. Today, modern bookmakers offer three types of handicaps: Asian handicaps, European handicaps and triple handicaps. Let’s look at each of them individually.

Triple handicap

This type implies that bets can be made on any of three outcomes: P1, P2 and draw.

European handicap

Almost the same as a triple handicap, however, with a draw, money is not returned. Instead, such an outcome has its own coefficient.

Asian handicap

This type of bet does not provide for a draw. That is, in any form of handicap, a draw is possible, since the handicap is an integer: handicap 0 1 , handicap 0 2 . In this case, the Asian handicap 0 is impossible. Here the handicap is a fractional number: 0.5; 1.5; 2.5. Therefore, given the handicap, either one team will win or the other.

What is handicap betting?

The aim of handicap betting is to take guessing out of the equation. It’s tough to beat the oddsmakers on a long-term basis, but those who put in the time and effort can improve their chances of doing so. For example purposes, let’s consider handicap betting from two perspectives: the point spread and moneyline.

Why is handicap betting important?

It’s actually the opposite case. The aim of handicap betting is to make it easier for you to make your selections with confidence.

What is handicapping sports?

Handicapping sports is the process in which you break down games or contests to determine who you think will win. There are numerous theories on how to go about doing this, ranging from the simple to the complex.

Is public money neck and neck?

Speaking of market reaction, it can also be helpful to understand which side the public is betting on for your chosen games. There are games in which public money is neck-and-neck on both sides, but there are also some in which there’s a wide disparity one way or the other.

Is power play a factor in hockey?

For example, strength on power play and penalty kill can be a huge factor in hockey. In MLB, there are teams that perform well versus right-handed pitchers but struggle mightily against lefties. If you start with the basics as a base, you can then build out your system and continue tweaking as you learn more things.

Is homefield advantage good?

Homefield advantage can be a very big deal. However, there are also teams that excel when playing on the road. As part of your routine, dedicate time to understanding how the two teams perform in the situation they’re facing. You may find that a home team in a vulnerable spot, as well as a road team that may be in position to pounce. However, you won’t find either of them if you don’t take the time to look.

What Is Sports Handicapping?

The term handicap comes from “hand-in-cap,” which refers to players placing money into the cap of neutral arbiters so everyone can agree on the relative values of items to be traded.

Think Like a Pro Handicapper: How to Handicap Lines

Handicapping happens in college basketball, college football, or more professional sports. Some of the best sports handicappers subscribe to these methods:

Sports Handicappers: What Type Are You?

Before we discuss line handicapping further, we should first define what professional sports handicappers are.

Handicapping Various Sports

Sports handicapping applies to all kinds of sports, from motorcycle speedway to polo.

Winning Handicap Bets

When handicap betting, be mindful of your bankroll. To determine how much you should stake, you should take 3% to 5% of your bankroll and allot that amount to every bet.

What is a handicapper in sports?

For example, in golf, a handicapper is the person responsible for assigning players’ handicaps, ranking them to allow them to enter competitions that are suited to their skill level. However, that’s not what we mean when we refer to handicapper in relation to sports betting.

What are the different types of bets?

You’ll find every type of bet covered by handicappers too. Some may prefer one type of bet, such as a moneyline or a spread, others will vary their bet type depending on the odds on offer and the insight that they’ve gained from their research. That said, the most common betting picks are: 1 Moneyline Picks 2 Over/Under Picks 3 Picks Against the Spread 4 Parlay Picks

What is the most common bet type?

That said, the most common betting picks are: Moneyline Picks. Over/Under Picks. Picks Against the Spread. Parlay Picks.

Can you make money tailing a handicapper?

You can absolutely make money tailing a handicapper, especially if you find one with a long track record of backing winners. That said, it’s important to remember that past performance isn’t a guarantee of future success, so you should always bet responsibly.

Do sports handicappers base their predictions on opinion?

Other sports handicappers prefer to base their predictions on opinion and feeling. That’s not to say they’re just spitting in the wind, they still use their research to form these opinions, but they prefer not to have prescribed systems make the decisions for them.


A Definition of Handicapping

The most simple definition of handicapping is picking a winner, handicapping 101. This applies to all forms of sports wagering and not just horse racing. There are individuals who handicap football, basketball, baseball, and other sports which can be wagered on through various sportsbooks online or in physical locations such a…

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Handicapping Methods

  • There are as many methods of picking winning horsesas there are people who pick them. Each race bettor has a particular routine in which they read the Daily Racing Form or use services which provide past performances. Even though there are different methods, most handicappers will analyze at least four elements of every race: 1. Speed—the attempt to determine which horse is f…

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Why You Should Learn to Handicap

  • There is a simple reason why you should learn to handicap the races. It will make you a more informed bettor and give you an edge. The process can be tedious and time consuming at the beginning, but once you become comfortable with it things go much smoother and faster. Some even find that the have an affinity for the process of studying horse racing. Some individuals lik…

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