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Different Types of Parlay Bets

Number of Bets Parlay Odds Winning Amount
2 2.64/1 $264.00
3 6/1 $600
4 12.28/1 $1,228.00
5 24.35/1 $2,435.00

Mar 23 2022


Is a parlay a good bet?

Apr 05, 2022 · A parlay bet simply combines multiple wagers into one bet. It does this by rolling over the winnings from each individual wager into the next leg of the wager. Each “leg” or individual bet in the parlay must win for the parlay to grade as a winner. For example, take last season’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What are the odds of hitting a 10 team parlay?

Jan 04, 2022 · A parlay is a special type of bet that involves 2 or more selections. It’s a combo bet that pairs more matches in a single wager that produces bigger payouts. That’s because the difficulty of getting all games right is much higher than what you would get on a single bet.

How to make a parlay bet at a sportsbook?

Feb 08, 2022 · In sports betting, a parlay bet is when a bettor makes two or more bets, and ties them together into one bet. A parlay bet may contain two individual bets, or many more. The disadvantage of a…

How to place a parlay bet?

A parlay bet is a combination of individual wagers that combine into one single bet. All legs of a parlay must win for the parlay to also win.


How does a parlay bet work?

A parlay in sports betting is when a bettor makes multiple wagers (at least two) and ties them together into the same bet. If any of the bets in the parlay loses, the entire parlay loses. However, if all wagers win, the bettor gets a bigger payout.Feb 8, 2022

What does a $100 3 team parlay pay?

Examples of three-team parlay payouts (for a $100 bet)….3-Team Parlay Payout.OddsPayout (individual bet)ProfitSelection 1: 2.5$250$150Selection 2: 2.0$200$100Selection 3: 2.0$200$100Parlay odds: 10.0$1,000$900

Are parlays a good bet?

Parlay bets are great because they give bettors a chance to win a ton of money. If you start hammering parlays with the information we’ll provide, you’ll have a lot of success. To place a parlay bet, you need to understand what the market is on a sportsbook.Nov 18, 2021

What does a $100 4 team parlay pay?

Then in the wager amount enter 100. Once you hit calculate the payout should display 1149.21. This means that your $100 4-team parlay on those teams should earn you $1,149.21 when it hits!

Has anyone ever hit a 10 team parlay?

Talk about sweating out the last leg of a parlay. One gambler wagered $500 on a 10-team parlay in Week 4 of the NFL season. The payout was more than $126,000 and came down to the Los Angeles Chargers giving up three points in Monday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders.Oct 4, 2021

What are the odds of hitting a 5 team parlay?

Profitability of parlays in sports bettingNumber of individual betsCorrect odds at 50%Correct odds of winning parlay at 55%415 to 19.9 to 1531 to 118.9 to 1663 to 135.1 to 17127 to 164.7 to 16 more rows

Why You Should Never Do parlays?

To calculate your winnings with true odds, simply multiply the odds by your bet amount. Suppose you bet $100 on a two-team parlay where the odds of both picks have the standard -110 juice….Why Sports Bettors Should Avoid Parlays.# of TeamsLas VegasOffshore775/191/18150/1175/15 more rows•Jun 15, 2016

How do parlays make money?

1:475:19How to Win at Sports Betting Parlays (Betting Parlay Tips) – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipJust don’t parlay more than three teams. If you parlay a fourth team you’re losing 31%. Value onMoreJust don’t parlay more than three teams. If you parlay a fourth team you’re losing 31%. Value on that fourth team the 15 you’re taking off another 12 or 14 percent I forget what the number is that’s

Why do parlays pay more?

Because parlays provide the house with a massive edge. To understand just how great the house edge is with parlays, we must first define the term “hold.” The hold is the percentage of money the bookmaker holds onto after all bets have been settled and paid out. Think of it as a win percentage for the books.Apr 5, 2020

What are the odds on a 12 team parlay?

12-Team Parlay Worth Over $40K Rests on Cowboys vs….Potential 12-Team Parlay Card.TeamOddsResultBuffalo Bills-330WNew Orleans Saints+130WCincinnati Bengals+126WTennessee Titans-220W8 more rows•Sep 27, 2021

What does a 50 dollar parlay pay?

If you bet $50 on each of those moneyline odds, the payout would be about $174. The payout can grow as much as you want it if you keep adding bets, as a lot of sportsbooks allow up to 10-bet parlays or even up to 15.

How much does a 7 team teaser pay?

The odds on a 7-point tease is usually -140. That means a correct $140 teaser would pay out $100 in profit. Sometimes you’ll see discounted 7-point teasers at -130 or even -120.

How to bet parlay?

Placing a parlay bet at online bookies in 2022 is easy. As soon as you add a minimum of 2-3 selections, the system will instantly build the parlay…

How to calculate parlay odds?

While you can use a calculator to learn how much your parlay might pay, it’s best to let the betting site do it for you. The system will calculate…

How to win sports betting parlays?

No formula will help you win on betting parlays all the time. The best approach would be to pick up online parlay betting tips and strategies. That…

What does a $100 3 team parlay pay?

It depends on the odds. Multiply the odds between themselves and your stake to get the possible return.

Is a 2-team parlay a good bet?

If the odds are good, we see no reason to avoid placing a 2-team parlay. However, the best parlays include more selections.

What is an example of a parlay bet?

Here’s an example of a simple 3-team parlay: you put $100 on the Mariners at +150, Bulls at +100, and Nets at +205. If all 3 teams win, your $100 b…

How does a parlay bet work?

A parlay bet is a combination of individual wagers that combine into one single bet. All legs of a parlay must win for the parlay to also win.

What does a +200 moneyline mean?

A +200 moneyline means that a bettor who places $100 down would win $200 (plus their original $100 bet back) if that +200 underdog wins the game or…

How does a parlay bet payout?

A parlay bet pays out according to the specific singular odds of each leg. There are no set odds for a parlay, but sportsbooks will update the pote…

What happens if one of your bet ties or pushes?

At most sportsbooks, parlay bets that push or tie are simply tossed out and the parlay is recalculated without it. So, if you push a game in a four…

What is a 3-leg parlay?

A three-leg parlay is a parlay that consists of three bets. To win the parlay, bettors must win each individual leg.

What Is a Parlay Bet?

A parlay is a special type of bet that involves 2 or more selections. It’s a combo bet that pairs more matches in a single wager that produces bigger payouts. That’s because the difficulty of getting all games right is much higher than what you would get on a single bet.

How do Parlays Work?

Parlays are riskier than single bets, but they are more exciting. While they give bookies an edge compared to regular wagers, some of the biggest wins in the history of sports betting have been parlays. Parlay payouts can be your bet thousands of times, but only if all the selections are successful.

Types of Parlays

Parlays come in many shapes and sizes. That’s why bettors love them so much. Almost any bet type can be added to a parlay, including teasers, round-robin bets, point spreads, moneylines, and totals. Most bettors usually go for the longest payout with many games tied together on a slip.

Downsides of Parlay Betting

The most obvious downside to parlay bets is that it’s a risky investment. There’s no specific formula on how to win parlays – you need to predict all selections correctly for your slip to win. Also, there’s no particular strategy that can increase your winning odds.

Upsides of Parlays

The massive payouts are the reason why parlay bets are so hot. Both beginners and high rollers are attracted to online parlay betting sites as they offer a small fortune if you get lucky. Plus, considering the risk of parlays, everyone gets to brag about their big win if it occurs.

Parlay Cards

If you’re ever placed a parlay bet at your favorite online bookmaker, you’ve surely come across a parlay card. What is a parlay card? Bookmakers offer special, pre-published cards that give bettors a chance to bet on a parlay right away.

How Do Parlays Work In Sports Betting?

A parlay combines two or more individual bets grouped requiring all wagers winning to earn a payout. The payout is higher because bettors must win every game on the bet slip. All major sportsbooks offer parlays, and the kinds of markets allowed within those parlays continue to expand.

Building a Parlay

Parlays can be built in hundreds of different ways. They can include multiple sports, as few as two bets or more than a dozen, and recently can include multiple bets from the same game. Sportsbooks will let you know what can be included in a parlay and build out the real-time odds as you add selections to your bet slip.

Winning A Parlay

Winning a parlay is as simple as it gets. All legs of the parlay must be successful to earn a payout. There really is no gray area. The only caveat is if one or more of the legs push, that bet is taken out of the parlay and the parlay is readjusted based on the remaining bets.

Understanding Parlay Odds

Because sportsbooks have different odds for just about every single bet, that means that the odds calculated when building a parlay are also different. Bettors will want to ensure they shop around with the parlay they’re trying to build to maximize the best odds for a larger payout.


A parlay payout is based on the number of single bets you’re parlaying and those individual odds. They vary greatly depending on those factors. A three-team parlay consisting of three -200 favorites would have parlay odds of +237. Another three-team parlay with three +150 odds would have parlay odds of +1460.

Types of Parlays

Because oddsmakers continue to increase the types of straight bets that can be included in parlays, various possible combinations have exploded at online sportsbooks. You’ll likely come across different variations of parlays during your betting experience, but here we’ll touch on the most common forms of parlays and what goes into each.

Parlay Cards

A parlay card is featured in physical sportsbooks. Rather than a bet slip populating at online casinos, parlay cards list games and their corresponding point spread, total, and moneyline bets. Bettors punch a hole next to the games they want to combine. They take the parlay card to a cashier to place their bet.


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