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Different Types of Bets on FanDuel

  • Spread Betting. Betting the spread places a wager on a team’s margin of victory or defeat. …
  • Moneyline. The moneyline is the most conventional way to approach a bet. …
  • Total Points Bets. In a total points bet, you can place a wager on the combined score being either over or under a specific number.
  • Prop Bet. …
  • Parlays. …
  • FanDuel Same Game Parlay. …

When making a spread wager, the player you wager on must cover/beat the game/set spread. This means that the favored player must win the game/set by more than the minus spread value. The underdog must win the game/set, or lose by less than the plus value.


How does the point spread work in FanDuel baseball betting?

Spread bets are designed to balance the scales between perceived favorites and underdogs, …

What is a spread bet?

The point spread represents the margin of points in which the favored team must win to “cover the spread.” Bets on the point spread are usually offered at 11-to-10 odds. For example, a player must bet $11 to win $10 for a total payout of $21, or $110 to win $100 for a total payout of $210.

What are sports betting lines on FanDuel?

The point spread gives a balance for both teams involved in a pro baseball game, allowing FanDuel bettors to back a weaker team and still receive a fair chance of winning the bet. The two MLB teams in a game are listed as a “favorite” or “underdog” depending on their predicted chance of winning. The favorite is usually the perceived better baseball team in the game, and betting …

What is the difference between dead heat and spread betting?

The views expressed in their articles are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect …


What does a +7 spread mean?

What does +7 spread mean? If the spread is seven points for a game, it means the underdog is getting seven points, noted as +7 on the odds. A team posted at -7 is the favorite and is laying seven points.May 27, 2020

What does 1.5 spread mean?

Point spread betting in baseball The point spread in baseball odds is often referred to as the run line. In MLB, the run line is almost always set at 1.5, meaning the favorite needs to win by two or more runs.

What does it mean when you bet spread?

Sports betting spreads, also referred to as lines, are used to even the odds between two unevenly matched teams. Bookmakers set a spread with the hopes of getting equal action on both sides of a game. For example, the Colts are a -3 point favorite against the Texans. The -3 points is the spread.

How does a spread work in betting?

Point spreads involve a winning margin. If you bet on a favorite, they need to win by more than the assigned spread. For example, if a spread is (-7.5) points, your team needs to win by eight or more. If you bet on an underdog, they can lose by fewer than the assigned spread or win outright for you to win.

What does plus 3 spread mean?

In a spread bet, the odds are usually set at -110 on both sides, depending on the sportsbook and state. That means whether you bet the Colts -3 or Texans +3, you’ll win the same amount of money if you win the bet.

What does Handicap 2.5 mean?

Asian Handicap -2.5 Your team wins by one or two goals = Loss. Your team wins by three goals or more = Win. Your team loses = Loss.

What does 3.5 spread mean?

If you were to bet on Dallas you would need the Cowboys to win by 4 or more points. If the Cowboys were to win by 3 points, let’s say 30-27, any bets on the Rams +3.5 would win. Even though the Rams didn’t win the game they covered the spread of 3.5 points.

How does point spread payout work?

HOW DOES A POINT SPREAD BET PAY OUT? Point spread betting pays out the same way as other similar wagers. Once you win, the bookmaker starts processing all the bets for that game. It may take a while, logistically, but the sportsbook will finally accrue your point spread bet winnings to your account.

What does +2.5 spread mean?

What is a 2.5-point spread? If New York is +2.5, that means they are the underdog and have been spotted or given 2.5 points. If New York loses by two or fewer points, then it is a winning bet. If New York pulls off an outright upset, then that is also a winning wager.

Is spread betting illegal?

Despite its American roots, spread betting is illegal in the United States.

Is it possible to make money spread betting?

Spread betting can yield high profits if the bets are placed correctly. Most spread betting traders are successful only after creating a systematic trading plan following years of experience. Only a small percentage succeed and the majority fail.

How do you cover a betting spread?

To cover the spread, a bettor must either bet on the favorite or the underdog, and to win their wager, the team must cover the point spread—or, win by more than the point spread.Jan 31, 2022

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Available Bet Types: Straight Wagers , Proposition Wagers , Parlay, Live Wagers , Set Wagers , Round Robins , Futures , Spread Wagers


Available Bet Types: Straight Wagers , Proposition Wagers , Parlays, Live Wagers , Round Robins , Futures , Spread Wagers


Available Bet Types: Moneylines, Proposition Wagers , Spread , Total Goals , Parlays, Futures , Round Robins

How Does Sports Betting Work?

Every day, FanDuel Sportsbook has countless betting lines available for a wide variety of sports. There are a variety of ways to bet on most sporting contests, from something as simple as picking who will win (moneyline) to betting on the margin of victory (point spread) or how many points will be scored in a game (over/under).

How to Read Sports Betting Lines

Sports betting lines on FanDuel Sportsbook are presented in what is called the “American odds” format, with odds for favorites getting “minus” odds while underdogs get “plus” odds (i.e. -120 for a favorite and +120 for an underdog).

How to Read a Point Spread

Point spreads are a way to keep betting lines close even for a lopsided matchup. Also appearing as “minus” and “plus” lines, point spreads refer to how much a team has to win (or lose) by for a bet to cash.

What is a Parlay?

Parlays allow you to combine multiple wagers into a single bet, and it combines the odds to reflect that with a much larger possible payout. For example, if you wager on a parlay of three point spreads (at -110 odds each), the payout of that wager is +600.

What are Prop Bets?

Prop bets are wagers that can be placed on things other than the outcome of the game. This can range for things like individual player statistics (i.e. will Stephen Curry make over or under 4.5 3-pointers in a given game), but can also be for team statistics (i.e. how many 3-pointers will the Golden State Warriors score?).

What are Futures Bets?

Futures bets are locked in for longer than just one game — sometimes for months or even longer. These are wagers made on future events, for example who will win the next Super Bowl.

What is a point spread?

A point spread represents first the oddsmaker’s and then the betting market’s best guesses at the numerical separation between two competitors. Sometimes the spread can be as little as half a point. Other times, like Team USA Basketball games at the Olympics, you might find spreads upward of 50 points.

Why do point spreads change?

A line nudging from +7.5 (-110) to +7.5 (-120) bears noting, but spreads often change much more drastically. And these changes can have sweeping impact on your betting experience.

What is line shopping?

How should you react to a move like that if you were planning to bet Lions +7.5 but now your book is dealing +6.5?

Should I bet with point spreads?

Point spreads are generally a pretty good option for most bettors, for several reasons.

Can I use a point spread bet in a parlay?

Yes, bettors can generally combine point spread bets with other types of bets in a parlay – a multi-part that requires all components of the bet to hit. In fact, parlaying spread bets is very popular among many bettors.

Point spreads and live bets

Live betting has become increasingly popular over the years as it has become increasingly widespread thanks to more sophisticated technology at the hands of bookmakers. All you have to do is log in to your online account during a big game and you will see constantly shifting live betting lines, most often posted during commercial breaks.

Why was my spread bet canceled?

We’ve already discussed pushes, where the game lands on the spread and bettors get their money back. Some other situations can lead to canceled bets as well. Here are some of them:


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