What major american sports league is considering selling data for overseas betting?


Which states have official league data in sports betting?

Jan 08, 2020 · Professional sports leagues struck out in their quest for a cut of sports betting money by claiming they needed payments to help protect the integrity of games. Six of the largest U.S. bookmakers …

Why are leagues seeking a role in legal sports betting?

Jan 08, 2020 · The NFL has inked a deal with Sportradar to distribute official league data to bookmakers in the U.S. and in other countries. DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment and Betstars are among gambling companies that have reached individual deals with leagues to buy their official data.

Can the leagues control US sports betting data flow?

Jan 07, 2020 · The NFL has inked a deal with Sportradar to distribute official league data to bookmakers in the U.S. and in other countries. MIKE MCCARTHY STAYED AT JERRY JONES’ HOME BEFORE TAKING COWBOYS HEAD…

What is official league data and why does it matter?

Jan 07, 2020 · The NFL has inked a deal with Sportradar to distribute official league data to bookmakers in the U.S. and in other countries. DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment…


What is official league data?

Official league data is a term front and center in the sports betting conversation. The battles for control over data and what data is required have emerged as primary fronts in the effort to shape US state and federal policy. Following their years-long opposition to gambling, leagues now seek a role as primary stakeholders in legal sports betting.

Why is robust data important?

Robust data is essential for a dynamic betting product , and bettors should feel confident that tickets are scored the same across all operators regardless of the data source. Ultimately, operators and their bettors will dictate how much official data is worth.

What is data provider pricing?

With the first, an operator receives a basic package with an XML feed, usually at a fixed cost. A second feed with an assortment of opening lines, plus a continuous update of the night’s pre-match fixtures carries an additional price. In recent years, data providers have added a third variable with a live, in-game betting feed.

Who is Matt from the New York Times?

Matt is a veteran writer with a specific focus on the emerging sports gambling market. During Matt’s two decade career in journalism, he has written for the New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, Reuters and CBSSports.com among others.

Does MGM have sports betting?

Over the last year, MGM has signed non-exclusive sports betting partnerships with the NBA, MLB and NHL, in which MGM will obtain the leagues’ official data feeds. In January, Caesars Entertainment reached a multiyear sports gambling partnership with the NFL.

Is Genius Sports a non-exclusive sportsbook?

Several weeks into its regular season, the NBA announced an unprecedented partnership that gave both Sportradar and Genius Sports the non-exclusive right to distribute the league’s official sports betting data to licensed sportsbooks in the U.S. Under the deal, the data providers received authorization to distribute the league’s data and sports betting products for NBA and WNBA contests in real-time.

Official league data versus unofficial sports betting data

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What Is Official League Data?

  • Official league data refers to the set of results and statistics compiled by sports organizations and their authorized partners. Here’s a formal definition laid out in the Tennesseesports betting law: Such language also requires defining additional terms, such as “governing body” for the agency which prescribes the rules of a given event. Lawmakers in some states have also chose…

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What Are The Tiers of Official League Data?

  • Official league data has come to apply exclusively to props and in-play betting, and lawmakers have taken different linguistic approaches to divide the industry. The language in Illinois, for example, expressly separates wagers into two tiers: That law only requires Illinois sportsbooks to use official data for Tier 2bets. The law in Tennessee refers to those wagers as “live betting” an…

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Are Sportsbooks Required to Use Official Data?

  • Most US sportsbooks are under no obligation to use any particular source of data. Laws in two states, however, include a requirement that operators use official data to settle certain wagers: 1. Illinois sports betting(“for determining the outcome of Tier 2 sports wagers”) 2. Tennessee sports betting(“for purposes of live betting”) The Illinois law requires leagues (or their data companies) …

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How Much Does Official League Data Cost?

  • There is no fixed cost for the use of official data. Individual operators can negotiate directly with the leagues and their data partners for usage rights via a private agreement in states without mandates. State legislation does, however, lay some subjective pricing guidelines. The phrase “commercially reasonable terms”appears within the sports betting law of both states with a dat…

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Is Official Data Better Than Unofficial Data?

  • There is no evidence to suggest that. According to Sportradar, the primary difference between its side-by-side offerings of pricier official league data and cheaper unofficial data is speed. Official data can flow into an operator’s system as many as three seconds before unofficial data, but unofficial data has been sufficient to grade in-play wagers in the US market to date. The league…

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Which Sportsbooks Use Official Data?

  • Official data is a non-exclusive product, but it does require a league-level partnership to unlock. Here are the current US sports betting partnerships involving data:

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Who Collects Data For The Leagues?

  • There are essentially two key players in the real-time sports data arena: Sportradar andGenius Sports. Each of the major US sports leagues has a deal with one or both of them, relationships that have expandedalongside the appetite for legal sports betting. 1. Sportradar: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL 2. Genius Sports: NBA, PGA Tour The NCAA has a data arrangement with G…

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Is Biometric Data Used in Sports Betting?

  • No US operator currently uses biometric datafor sports betting. As technology continues to make data more granular, though, some operators are already exploring the possibilities. Illinois lawmakers went so far as to create a framework for biometric betting in the future. Here’s the relevant definition from the 2019 law: Under that law, Illinois bookmakers may only use biometri…

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Is Official Data Different from Integrity Fees?

  • Yes, although leagues are moving toward a conflation of the two for the purpose of seeking profits from sports betting in the US. At the summer 2019 meeting of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS), Spillane included official data in the NBA’s legislative wishlist but omitted the integrity fee. The integrity fee (or royalty fee) describes the leagues’ atte…

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Why Are Official Data Mandates A Bad Idea?

  • The utility and reliability of official league data remain in question. Mandating its use provides no guarantee of the integrity lawmakers seek in legal US sports betting. The industry views such mandates as plain bad policy. Lawmakers essentially force private operators into commercial agreements with the leagues while granting one party what amounts to a monopoly on data. Wh…

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