when will sports betting be legal in arizona


April 15, 2021

What states have legalized sports betting?

The agreement opened the door for the passing of sportsbetting Arizona legislation, which officially took place on April 15, 2021 (bill HB 2772). Of course, the new compact the state reached with the Indian Tribal council still needed final approval, which was received by the U.S. Department of the Interior on May 24.

How many states legalized sports betting?

Apr 22, 2021 · Sports betting was federally legalized in 2018 after the Supreme Court struck down the ban in place since 1992. However, federal legalization did not mean Arizonans could start placing sports bets.

How many states have legalized sports gambling?

Sep 13, 2021 · As of April 2021, sports betting is officially legal in the State of Arizona. The new law officially launched on September 9th, 2021, perfect timing for the upcoming NFL and NBA seasons. Online account registration is already underway and the industry is expected to make a big impact on the local economy.

What states allow sports betting?

Online Sports Betting in Arizona Legal sports betting in Arizona has finally been legalized in 2021. This time the state’s tribes were on board. Home > Sports Betting > Arizona Where to bet on sports in Arizona Online sports betting will soon come to bettors in Arizona.


Will sports betting be legal in Arizona?

Arizona legalizes sports betting in 2021 Governor Doug Ducey signed the bill into law on April 15, 2021, setting the stage for Arizona’s new sports betting industry.

Can I play DraftKings in Arizona?

DraftKings is currently live in Arizona, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and many others. It is a popular sportsbook due to its awesome user interface on both the desktop and mobile application while it provides competitive odds and user-friendly boosts and promotions.Mar 25, 2022

Is FanDuel legal in Arizona?

Is FanDuel Casino Available In Arizona? No, FanDuel Casino is not available in the state of Arizona. Within the recently passed bill, only online sportsbooks and daily fantasy were approved. There are retail casinos within the state but none of them will offer a partnership for an online casino.Mar 16, 2022

Where can I bet on sports in Arizona?

BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, Fanduel, Unibet and Wynnbet were the first 6 sports betting sites to go live in Arizona….Newest Arizona Online Sports Betting Sites: Updated October 2021.📆 BetRivers SportsbookLaunched in October, 2021📆 Caesars SportsbookLaunched in September, 20217 more rows

Is Arizona Sports Betting Legal?

Sports betting was legalized in April of 2021, and is now live! DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, FanDuel, BetRivers, WynnBet, Betfred, & Uni…

When Did Sports Betting Launch in Arizona?

Sports betting was fully launched and legalized as of September 9th, 2021. This included both retail and online sports betting. This launch was rig…

What Are Arizona Sports Betting Laws?

Within the new bill, you must be 21 years or older to bet on sports in Arizona legally. Mobile and retail betting are available in the state, makin…

What Is The Arizona Sports Betting Tax Rate?

In Arizona, residents are subject to a 5.0% tax withholding on lottery winnings, while non-residents are subject to 6.0%. Lottery winnings of $600…

Where Are The Closest Sports Betting Place To Arizona?

Three of the five states that border Arizona has legalized sports betting: Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. Colorado launched sports betting on Ma…

Is There Sports Betting Online In Arizona?

Yes, Arizona sports betting is legal and active online. There are plenty of sportsbooks available to prospective bettors to place wagers and follow…

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Arizona?

Yes, Arizona has finally approved daily fantasy sports. They were one of six states who had banned daily fantasy sports. Within the most recent bil…

Is FanDuel Betting In Arizona?

Yes, FanDuel is available in Arizona. It is one of the major markets for sports betting, and FanDuel is one of the major sportsbooks and fantasy si…

Is DraftKings Betting In Arizona?

Yes, DraftKings is available in Arizona. Both Daily fantasy and sports betting were finally approved after a long battle. Now, you can sign up for…

When was sports betting legalized in Arizona?

Hotly debated for the last four years, sports betting has been legalized in Arizona on Thursday, April 15, when Gov. Doug Ducey signed House Bill 2772. The same bill legalized Daily Fantasy Sports and Keno at select locations. It allows for tribal casinos to be built on native-owned …

How many states have legalized sports gambling?

Arizona joined 25 states and Washington D.C. in legalizing some form of sports gambling. Every other state but one has some form of legislation in the works.

What is HB 2772?

HB 2772 allows for mobile sports betting, eliminating the need for bettors to go to an actual sportsbook to place a bet. Instead, bettors can place bets on their mobile phones or computers.

How many tribes own casinos?

It allows for tribal casinos to be built on native-owned land in addition to the 24 casinos currently operated by 16 different tribes. Sports betting was federally legalized in 2018 after the Supreme Court struck down the ban in place since 1992.

How many gaming licenses are there in Arizona?

The state awarded 10 gaming licenses to professional sports teams in Arizona and another 10 licenses to tribal nations to open sportsbooks at their casinos. It has not yet been determined which tribes will get those licenses, something to be debated in the future.

Does Arizona have casinos?

Arizona already has casinos with every slot machine and table game one would find in a Las Vegas casino. Arizona has a state lottery system and in-person wagering on horses at racetracks. Many of the tribal casinos offer bingo.

When will sports betting be legal in Arizona?

Arizona sports betting became legal in April 2021 with an expected launch date of September 9, 2021, to coincide with the start of the NFL season. The Arizona Department of Gaming released a draft of rules for sports betting for a public comment period.

When did Arizona legalize sports betting?

Gov. Doug Ducey signed AZ sports betting into law in 2021 after state representatives approved a bill legalizing it. This followed Ducey negotiating a new compact with Arizona tribes who operate casinos to include sports betting in their contracts.

What is the gaming tax rate in Nevada?

Nevada taxes gross gaming revenue, which includes sports betting, at 6.75%. Basically, if Phoenix residents became accustomed to the betting experience at their favorite sportsbook in Las Vegas, it should not look too different at their Arizona sports betting choice.

How many tribes are there in Arizona?

The Arizona gambling industry is largely comprised of 22 federally recognized Indian tribes, 16 of which operate 24 casinos in the state. Sports betting legislation in Arizona moved quickly once tribes and state officials got on the same page on how to conduct sports betting.

When is the Arizona sports betting draft 2021?

June 21, 2021 — The Arizona Department of Gaming wrapped up its public comment period on track for the Sept. 9 launch. June 17, 2021 — A draft of the rules for Arizona sports betting was released to allow for public comment until June 21.

When is the ADG 2021?

July 16, 2021 — The ADG held a session specifically to discuss license allocation. The guidelines are for if more than 10 professional sports teams and venues or 10 tribes are qualified applicants for the 20 licenses available.

What is the newest baseball team in Arizona?

The Arizona Diamondbacks are the newest team in town, joining Major League Baseball in 1998. They’re also the only professional team in the state to win a title, taking the World Series crown in 2001.

What Exactly is Legal Sports Betting?

Sports betting is one of the most common forms of gambling in the world. In general, sports betting is when you place a wager, or bet, on the outcome of a particular sports event. In today’s digital landscape, it’s become even more prominent with a wide variety of online bookies and sports fans engaging in the activity.

What is Included in the Sports Betting Regulation?

Arizona’s gaming compact lays out who and where people can place their bets. Additionally, it includes 10 “limited” licenses available to horse tracks and other betting sites that wish to partner with a local, license-holding tribe or sports organization.

What You Can Expect

Sports gambling companies are starting to facilitate operations in Arizona. For example, FanDuel is developing its own Phoenix-based sportsbook to deliver its bookie services to sports fans. You will be able to place your bets with FanDuel at the Footprint Center, just in time for the Phoenix Suns and Mercury seasons.

Dorn Policy Group, Inc. Advocates for Sports Gambling

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When will Arizona legalize sports betting?

Arizona will likely launch sports betting at the end of 2021. The NFL season will be the best scenario to have it operational. Arizona legalized sports betting and daily fantasy sports.

Which states have legal sports betting?

Three of the five states bordering Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico all have legal sports betting. Colorado recently legalized sports betting last November, but they have yet to launch any legal sportsbooks. Colorado is expected to launch sports betting on May 1st, 2020.

How many sportsbooks are allowed in the SB1979 bill?

It was an identical bill to SB1979 and won the vote by 23-6. The bill allows both retail and online sportsbook, with 20 licenses split between the professional sports teams/sites and the tribal casinos. Multiple locations can operate under one license if they are a part of the same casino.

What is SB 1525?

SB 1525. SB 1525 is essentially a remade bill from last year’s session. SB 1158 was the bill directed towards legalizing sports betting in the 2019 legislative session in Arizona. The bill last year didn’t make it very far, and the results may be similar again this year.

How much tax do you pay on lottery winnings in Arizona?

In Arizona, residents are subject to a 5.0% tax withholding on lottery winnings, while non-residents are subject to 6.0%. Lottery winnings of $600 or less are not reported to the IRS. Winnings over $5,000 are subject to a 25 percent federal withholding tax.

Why is the Arizona Indian Gaming Association against the bill?

The Arizona Indian Gaming Association (AIGA) has been against this bill because it needs permission from the state to conduct legal sports betting. The AIGA and their opposition could prove trouble for this bill if it continues to progress. Currently, the bill is still sitting in the House.

Who is PointsBet backed by?

PointsBet. PointsBet is backed by NBC and has established itself as serious newcomers in the sports betting industry. They offer some unique ways to bet and also have a strong selection of offerings for sports. PointsBet also has one of the better new user promotions as well.

When will sports betting be legal in Arizona?

Legal sports betting in Arizona has finally been legalized in 2021. This time the state’s tribes were on board. Home > Sports Betting > Arizona.

How much is the Arizona sports betting market worth?

Industry experts predict that Arizona could be home to one of the most robust sports betting markets in the country with some estimating that the market could be worth anywhere from $30 million – $100 million in state revenue.

What is the bill for sports betting in Grand Canyon?

Governor Doug Ducey signed bill HB 2772 after previously voicing his support for regulated sportsbooks in the Grand Canyon State. The bill gives tribal casinos and major sports franchises the option to launch sports wagering products and services on or near their premises. Sports betting license holders will also be allowed to partner …

What was SB 1525?

The year began with SB 1525 aiming to give the tribes control over sports betting. However, it also opened the door for sports betting kiosks to operate outside of tribal reservations. It too failed to make any progress in the state legislature.

When will DraftKings launch in Arizona?

This could, in theory, make DraftKings one of the first retail sportsbooks to launch within the state. Until the market launches on September 9th, 2021, sports fans looking for in-person sportsbooks in AZ will have to travel across state lines to either Nevada, New Mexico, or Colorado.

What obstacles have stood in the way of legalization?

The one obstacle that has stood in the way of legalization has been tribal opposition. Given how much leverage the tribes hold in the state’s gambling market, it makes it almost impossible to pass any gambling expansion bills without their blessing. But, after three years, that blessing has finally arrived.

When will tribal gaming compacts be published?

The newly agreed tribal gaming compacts were published in the Federal Register in May 2021. The Department of Gaming is now working on drafting rules and regulations for the industry and will open a one-week comment period starting on June 14th.

When will sports betting be legal?

This means that while sports betting is legal, bettors won’t be able to place any bets until fall 2021.

How many tribes have sports betting licenses?

As mentioned, it has not been decided how the 22 federally recognized tribes will split up the 10 sports betting licenses, but it is fairly safe to say that the 16 tribes that currently operate a casino have the inside track to get a betting license. Some of those 16 tribes, including Gila River, Ak-Chin, Salt River, and Tohono O’odham, operate large casinos and have existing partnerships with national brands such as BetMGM and Harrah’s (owned by William Hill/Caesars). The other tribes independently operate casinos and would likely be open to partnering with other national brands. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

How many tribes can offer online sports betting?

Ten tribes can offer online sports betting and open a retail sportsbook at their existing casinos. We know which sports teams will get the licenses, since they are already playing in the state. It is not certain, however, which of the 22 federally recognized tribes will get the 10 licenses.

When will the Arizona tribal compact be released?

Because the Arizona tribal compact has been approved by the federal government, things are moving right along and all signs point toward a September 2021 launch.

Is the Arizona Diamondbacks a sports betting company?

Arizona Diamondbacks – MLB. In May 2021 the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that they had entered in to a 10-year sports betting license agreement with Caesars. As a part of the lucrative deal, Caesars Sports will bring its online sportsbook to Arizona in addition to opening a state of the art in-person retail betting facility at Chase Field in …

Does Scottsdale have a mobile betting platform?

The original plan was for all the professional sports teams in the state to receive a mobile sports betting platform or online license. This included the Scottsdale golf course where the PGA Tour holds its annual event, and the racetrack where NASCAR races twice a year.

Is Arizona a sports betting market?

Add to that the many snowbirds traveling to the state every winter along with the millions of tourists who visit the many national parks in the state, and Arizona could quickly become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country.


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