when will sports betting be legal in massachusetts


Massachusetts sports betting is currently illegal but the outlook for legalization is hopeful with a new bill proposed by Governor Charlie Baker in October, 2021. Although MA sports betting isn’t legal, those in can still play for real money on sports via Daily Fantasy Sports sites, with the best available in the Bay State below.

Sports betting currently is not legal in Massachusetts, but that could change in 2022. The previous legislative session officially ended on Jan. 4, 2022, with no sports betting legislation passed by the Senate. That means Massachusetts residents will have to continue to travel for legal betting options.3 days ago


Will Massachusetts legalize sports betting?

Mar 28, 2022 · Sports betting currently is not legal in Massachusetts, but that could change in 2022. The previous legislative session officially ended on Jan. 4, 2022, with no sports betting legislation passed by the Senate. That means Massachusetts residents will have to continue to travel for legal betting options. It so happens there are plenty.

What states have legal sports betting?

Massachusetts was expecting to receive sports betting legalization back in 2020, but things went awry when the Senate opted to amend the economic development bill H …

How many states have legalized sports gambling?

Mar 09, 2022 · Massachusetts has recently gotten a big boost to its chances for sports betting in 2021. The Governor, Charlie Baker, has proposed his own bill to legalize sports betting. The bill is currently named HD 678 and is looking to allow for both brick-and-mortar as …

How many US states allow legal sports betting?

10 hours ago · Home / Sports Betting USA / Colorado Sports Betting / Massachusetts Attorney General Says Legalizing Sports Betting is “The Way Now.” Mike Lukas – April 11, 2022 MA AG Maura Healey tells Boston Public Radio She Supports Legalizing Sports Betting Healey Now Agrees with the 60% of Senators who Now Support the Issue


Is it legal to bet on sports online in Massachusetts?

Sports betting is currently illegal in Massachusetts. No current bills are in motion to legalize sports betting. Three casinos were approved in 2014, with two already completed (Plainridge Park Casino and MGM Springfield) and one scheduled for completion in 2019 (Encore Boston Harbor).

What sports betting sites are legal in Massachusetts?

Top Massachusetts Legal Sports Betting AppsDraftKings Sportsbook Massachusetts.FOX Bet Sportsbook Massachusetts.BetMGM Sportsbook Massachusetts.

Can I play DraftKings sportsbook in Massachusetts?

Is DraftKings SportsBook Legal In Massachusetts? While DraftKings is a legal sportsbook in other states, sports betting has yet to be legalized within Massachusetts.Aug 23, 2021

When can you bet online in Massachusetts?

No, Massachusetts does not authorize or license any online casinos, poker sites, or sports betting sites. However, the state does permit games of skill as a legal option for online gambling. As such, the only type of online gambling currently permitted under gambling laws in Massachusetts is daily fantasy sports.

Is barstool sportsbook legal in MA?

Barstool was first launched as a Boston company and maintains a strong following in Massachusetts, but Penn can’t yet roll out its Barstool sports betting offerings here since wagering on sports remains illegal in Massachusetts.Feb 5, 2021

Can I use barstool sportsbook in MA?

Currently, you may place sports bets while inside the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey, Tennessee, Arizona, West Virginia, Iowa, Indiana or Louisiana and play casino games while inside the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan or West Virginia.

Is FanDuel sportsbook legal in Massachusetts?

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in Massachusetts? Sports betting in Massachusetts has not been legalized; therefore, FanDuel Massachusetts is also not legal or up-and-running.Aug 23, 2021

Can you use MyBookie in Massachusetts?

MyBookie is our #1 pick for Massachusetts residents who want to bet on sports in 2022. This offshore betting site offers wagers on major sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, and more.Feb 28, 2022

Is sports betting legal in Massachusetts?

No, sports betting is not legal in the state of Massachusetts.

Which Massachusetts sports betting bills have a chance?

Sen. Eric Lesser’s bill (S 269) is the furthest along, and is sitting before the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

What is the legal gambling age in Massachusetts?

Should legal sports betting arrive in Massachusetts, you will have to be 21 years of age to take part.

Where can I bet on sports in Massachusetts?

You cannot legally bet on sports in Massachusetts. The pressure on lawmakers to change this, though, is growing.

When will sports betting become legal in Massachusetts?

At the moment, the answer to this is unknown. With the fiscal year winding down, it seems unlikely to arrive in 2021.

Is bet365 legal in Massachusetts?

No, as all forms of sports betting it offers are illegal in Massachusetts.

Can I bet online on my phone in Massachusetts?

No. All mobile and online betting is illegal in Massachusetts.

Who’s leading the charge on Massachusetts sports betting?

There are many outspoken voices in favor of legalizing sports betting in the Old Bay State. Gov. Charlie Baker is one, and the topic has significan…

Is sports betting legal in Massachusetts?

No, at this moment in time, Massachusetts has yet to launch or legalize online or in-person sports betting within the state. There have been severa…

Does Massachusetts have any form of legal betting?

Yes, there are in-person casinos within state borders. There is also daily fantasy football, which is not technically betting, but is a place to wi…

Will sports betting be legalized in Massachusetts in 2021?

This is unknown. What can be said is that the answer is trending towards yes. It seems that all three parts of the State Government, the House, Sen…

Can I play daily fantasy sports in Massachusetts?

Yes, daily fantasy sports contests are widely available in the State of Massachusetts. You can play with a myriad of different operators, including…

What is the closest state to Massachusetts to offer sports betting?

New Jersey and Rhode Island are both extremely close and offer sports wagering. In fact, New Jersey has the widest variety of sportsbooks in the na…

What sports betting apps are available in Massachusetts?

There are no sports betting apps available at this time in Massachusetts as sports betting has yet to be legalized. However, once sports betting do…

Are MyBookie and Bovada safe to use in Massachusetts?

No, MyBookie and Bovada are both offshore sportsbooks. These sportsbooks have no oversight in the United States, meaning that you have no protectio…

Can you wager on college sports in Massachusetts?

This is unknown. If Massachusetts takes the New Jersey approach, then college betting will be legal except for any event that includes an in-state…

Is daily fantasy sports considered sports betting?

No, and due to this reason, you can play daily fantasy sports in Massachusetts. Sports betting has a strict definition for each state, and accordin…

What is the most famous baseball team in Massachusetts?

Boston Red Sox. Despite housing both the Patriots and the Celtics, two of the most prolific franchises in professional sports, the Boston Red Sox may be the most famous franchise in Massachusetts. The Boston Red Sox is an original baseball team dating back to the 1800s.

What is a point bet?

PointsBet is an Australian bookmaker who has teamed up with the renowned NBC Sports in America. PointsBet is a fresh face to the bookmaking industry as it’s still a rather young company. However, the sportsbook that it has created is one of the most polished and exciting platforms in the United States market.

Which sports team has the most championships?

The Boston Celtics are one of the original big teams in the NBA. This is another Massachusetts franchise that is tied at the top for the most championships in their respective sport. The Celtics currently hold 17 NBA Finals wins, only tied with the Lakers for most ever.

Where are the Patriots located?

The New England Patriots, which technically reside in Foxborough, Massachusetts, are the home team for the Boston area and the entire state.

Is there a bill to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has recently gotten a big boost to its chances for sports betting in 2021. The Governor, Charlie Baker, has proposed his own bill to legalize sports betting. The bill is currently named HD 678 and is looking to allow for both brick-and-mortar as well as online sports gambling.

Is Boston a classic sports destination?

Massachusetts and specifically Boston have always been a classic American sports destination. Some of the most historic franchises in all of North American professional sports reside in the state and city.

Does Massachusetts have a hockey team?

The National Hockey League is the biggest professional sport in Canada, but Massachusetts does love their team. The Bruins are yet another successful Massachusetts franchise with 6 Stanley Cup titles, 4th on the all-time list.

When will sports betting be legalized in Massachusetts?

In 2019, over a dozen bills were introduced and many of them would legalize both online and casino sports betting. Through 2020 and into 2021, Massachusetts continued to display a tons of sports betting bills.

What is BetOnline betting?

BetOnline is one of the better betting options available for bettors in Massachusetts to choose from. Whether wanting to bet on the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Bruins or the New England Patriots, BetOnline has game lines, parlays, futures, and player props for sports bettors to choose from.

Which is better, Bovada or Bovada?

Bovada is one of the better legal online sportsbooks and for residents of Massachusetts to be able to access it is a huge come up. Massachusetts’ wagerers have many sportsbook options, but it’s hard for any of them to be regarded as better than Bovada.

Is gambling legal in Massachusetts?

Gambling laws are rather supportive in the state of Massachusetts as they have many approved forms of gaming. Not only is pari-mutuel wagering legal with horses and dogs both on and off-track but the state has approved commercial and tribal casinos with the thought of adding more.

Is Boston a title town?

Massachusetts is such as a sports heavy state that residents can’t even decide if Boston, their professional sports’ hometown, is known as “Titletown” or “City of Champions”. This is obviously due to their prominence in the sporting world and fan base that is never shy to support their squads.

Is fantasy football legal in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a completely legal and regulated daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry. The two main operators of DFS are DraftKings and FanDuel and both offer great welcoming bonuses to Massachusetts players. For those unfamiliar, DFS is a game of fantasy football which isn’t season-long as players draft athletes to form a team each week under a salary cap and compete against other players. You can enter into leagues, one-on-one matchups or tournaments where the first place prize can be $250,000 or more. Contests start as low as a few pennies and can be as much as a few thousand to enter and very often they promote free entries to keep you entertained. The DFS industry has taken off in the country and Massachusetts was at the forefront of making it happen as they made it legal in 2016.

Is it legal to bet on sports in Massachusetts?

Betting on sports matchups with friends in Massachusetts is 100% legal. No laws in the state say otherwise making it another fun way to watch the games with your buddies by adding some friendly competition to it.

Caesars Massachusetts

Massachusetts has yet to see significant legislative momentum regarding sports betting since the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 back in 2018. However, legislators will be painfully aware of the potential tax revenue Massachusetts is missing out on by not legalizing sports betting.

Caesars Massachusetts Promo Code (Projected)

As one of the best gambling operators in the country, Caesars offers an amazing signup bonus for new users on its mobile sportsbook platform. Caesars provides its new players with a signup offer worth $5,000 in the form of an initial risk-free bet.

Caesars Sportsbook Payment Overview

Caesars accepts a wide variety of payment options making it very easy for players to deposit money into their account and make withdrawals. Banking is fast and seamless through Caesars platforms and you should have no problem managing your bankroll through Caesars. The following payment options are currently accepted on Caesars Sportsbook:

Caesars Sportsbook Sports Overview

Caesars is a big name in the sports betting industry, and it has a robust and diverse selection of sports available for wagering. The following sports are available at Caesars:

Top 3 Tips for Betting on Caesars Sportsbook

As states have begun to legalize sports betting, it’s important for new bettors to be aware of the basics in order to maximize their ability to maintain a solid payroll and have fun in sports betting. The following are three of the top tips for new bettors to remember.

Caesars Massachusetts Future Bet

The Patriots are coming off a disappointing 7-9 season, but there’s still plenty to like about Bill Belichick’s squad. New England’s Cam Newton should be much improved as he’s further removed from his shoulder injury, and if he isn’t, rookie Mac Jones should provide some stabilizing play at quarterback.

Massachusetts Legal Sports Betting History

In February 2021, Massachusetts introduced five major bills in the Senate and House. In April, a minimum of 23 sports betting bills was discussed. However, there has yet to be significant traction in Massachusetts on legalized sports betting.

When was gambling legalized in Massachusetts?

Gambling was first legalized in Massachusetts in 1934 when a bill was passed to permit residents to place pari-mutuel wagers on horse and dog races. Residents were subsequently able to place their first legal wagers a year late in 1935 when Suffolk Downs opened for thoroughbred racing. Suffolk Downs remained Massachusetts’ flagship racing & wagering site until its closure in 2019. Today, Plainridge Racecourse is the only racetrack which remains open in the Bay State, however, parimutuel bets can now be placed online. At the same time as Suffolk Downs, Wonderland Greyhound Park & Taunton Dog Track was also opened for greyhound races and wagering. A third track joined them in 1941, however, all 3 closed when dog racing was banned altogether in the state in 2009, with the introduction of the Massachusetts Greyhound Protection Act.

Is land based gambling legal in Massachusetts?

Legalized land-based gambling has been a staple of many US states for well over a century. In 2018 online sports wagering was legalized at federal level. At CaptainGambling.com, the experts constantly keep you updated on the state gambling and sports betting laws in Massachusetts and all other states across the country.

Is the lottery legal in Massachusetts?

Lottery is legal in Massachusetts and is conducted and regulated by the Mass. State Lottery. Games available include draws, instants, pull tabs and charity games. Takes range from $1 each to around $20, with potential prizes ranging from $1000 to $1 million. As well as being available to buy in person from licensed retailers, tickets can be purchased online directly from the Mass. Lottery website. The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission was founded in 1971 and serves 351 locations in the Bay State. The current HQ is in Dorchester, with 5 other regional offices located elsewhere in the state. However, their regional office in Boston closed permanently in 2020.

Is fantasy sports legal in Massachusetts?

While legal online sports betting has not yet reached the easter shores of Massachusetts, it is among the 43 states to have legalized fantasy sports, including those with paid entry. Any winnings made off the back of fantasy sports are subjected to taxes under state law. Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has been legal in Massachusetts since 2016 when Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill bringing it into law. Like in most states across the US, the most popular DFS sites in Massachusetts are DraftKings and Fanduel. As well as paying taxes on winnings, DFS is subjected to certain regulations in Massachusetts sportsbook rules, including the following:

Is FanDuel a daily fantasy site?

FanDuel is one of the most popular Daily Fantasy Sports and sports wagering sites in the US. They offer services in many states, depending what their fantasy sports and online sports betting laws are. Find out what you can and can’t do with FanDuel in Massachusetts by following this link to our guide here.

Is there a casino in Massachusetts?

Although the amount of casinos present in Massachusetts today isn’t as extensive as the list of Indiana casinos, there are still a handful of brick-and-mortar casinos in the Bay State. Today Massachusetts has a total of 8 retail casinos spread across 7 different cities throughout the state, with more casinos set to be built. The newest and most accessible casino to visitors of the state is the Encore Boston Harbour, a 24/7 casino on the Mystic River waterfront which cost a whopping $2.6 billion to construct. The longest-standing and biggest casino brand presence in Massachusetts is the MGM Springfield, located on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River. In the smaller venues, including Plainridge Park Casino on the border of Rhode Island, pari-mutuel horse bets can be placed inside the venue. Online casinos currently aren’t legal in Massachusetts.


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