where is mobile sports betting legal


Where can you legally bet on sports?

  • Arizona. Mobile and online sports betting are legal in Arizona. …
  • Colorado. Retail, mobile, and online sports betting are legal in Colorado. …
  • Connecticut. Retail, mobile, and online sports betting are legal in Connecticut. …
  • Illinois. …
  • Indiana. …
  • Iowa. …
  • Louisiana. …
  • Michigan. …
  • New Hampshire. …
  • New Jersey. …

More items…


What states have legalized sports betting?

Mar 09, 2020 · Currently, mobile betting is available in 19 states, with efforts well underway to bring legal sports betting to Ohio and Maryland. In states that have launched dedicated online betting apps, such as Arizona, New York, Michigan, and Louisiana, the competition has been fierce as the best sports betting apps continue to battle for market share.

How many US states allow legal sports betting?

Jan 07, 2022 · Currently, there are about 30 states where sports betting is now legal, including 18 that allow online sports wagering. This means more than 100 million Americans can place a legal wager where they…

How many states have legalized sports gambling?

Check out our interactive map of the U.S. for updated legal news and recent state sports betting developments. 2 Tipico Sportsbook. 18 Mobile Betting. 0 Some Mobile Betting. 11 Physical Betting. 2 Confirmed Upcoming Betting. 4 Active Legislature. 14 No Movement.

What states allow online sports betting?

It is just not legal everywhere, although the number of regions that allow sports betting is growing. However, for the time being these states (as well as Washington, DC) are the only ones that have have legalized and regulated sports betting: Arizona Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Illinois Indiana Iowa Louisiana Nevada


What states can you sports bet on your phone?

These are the states that currently offer viable online and mobile betting platforms where you can place mobile wagers.New Hampshire.New Jersey.Illinois.Colorado.Indiana.West Virginia.Pennsylvania.Iowa.More items…

Where are mobile sportsbooks legal?

States where sports betting is legalStateOnlineMobileArizona✔✔Arkansas✔~Colorado✔✔Connecticut✔~✔~29 more rows•Mar 7, 2022

What countries is online sports betting legal?

Major Online Gambling Markets and Their Key Legal AspectsAustria. There is a monopoly on the online gambling market here (public-private). … Belgium. Online casino games are legal under Category A+ and B+ licenses. … The Czech Republic. … Denmark. … Estonia. … France. … Finland. … Germany.More items…

What states allow BetRivers?

You can play at BetRivers Sportsbook in the following states:Arizona.Colorado.Illinois.Indiana.Iowa.Louisiana.Michigan.New York.More items…

Is bet365 legal in the US?

One of the world’s fastest-growing betting sites is bet365. But, is bet365 legal in the USA – and if so, can you win when betting with bet365? Let’s take a closer look at this ultimate guide to bet365. Yes, bet365 is legal in the USA, but only in New Jersey.

Can you use a VPN to sports bet?

If you are traveling abroad you may find your favorite gambling or sports betting sites are blocked. These blocks can often be bypassed by using a suitable VPN. Unfortunately, many online sports betting sites are geo-locked and accounts cannot be created or accessed from within certain countries or states.Mar 10, 2022

Is betting legal in India?

Legality. Gambling is a state subject, and only states in India are entitled to formulate laws for gambling activities within their respective states. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is a central law that prohibits running or being in charge of a public gambling house.

Is offshore online gambling legal?

The bad news: No, you cannot legally bet or gamble on offshore or overseas websites or sports books.Jul 15, 2021

Is online betting illegal?

The Department of Justice maintains that, under the Wire Act, all Internet gambling by bettors in the United States is illegal. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Hearing on Establishing Consistent Enforcement Policies in the Context of Online Wagers, 110th Cong., Nov.

Can I use BetRivers in another state?

You can create a BetRivers account from anywhere in the world, but the platform only accepts wagers from bettors physically located in the states where they are licensed to operate.Mar 30, 2022

Is BetRivers legit?

BetRivers is a safe, legitimate sportsbook that is licensed by the regulatory bodies in Louisiana, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, New York, and West Virginia.

What states are underdogs legal?

Underdog Fantasy offers real money games to players in all states except:Connecticut.Delaware.Hawaii.Idaho.Iowa.Louisiana.Montana.Nevada.More items…

When will sports betting be legal in North Carolina?

Only physical sportsbooks. North Carolina legalized in-person sports betting in July 2019 for two tribal casinos in the western portion of the state, taking its first bet in March 2021. While that bill did not permit any mobile wagering, the state is expected to consider statewide mobile wagering in 2021.

Which state was the first to accept a single game sports bet?

Delaware was the first state outside Nevada to accept a legal single-game sports bet, beating New Jersey by a few weeks after the Supreme Court struck down the federal wagering ban in May 2018.

Is it legal to bet on sportsbooks in tribal casinos?

No bills have been passed, but Native American tribes have interpreted that sportsbooks are legal at tribal casinos under existing state-tribal gaming compacts. There are only a handful of retail sportsbooks spread across the state and it appears the first state to take a bet without an act of the legislature or voters will continue to do so.

Which state has the third largest sports betting?

Despite high fees for operators to get into the game, Pennsylvania consistently sees the third-largest sports betting monthly handles, behind New Jersey and Nevada, despite a larger population, pulling in close to $500 million in bets during the meat of the football season.

Is there online betting in Arkansas?

Legal sports betting started in Arkansas on July 1, 2019, at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. An additional sportsbook was added in October 2019 at the Saracen Casino Resort. There is no online wagering in the state.

Is mobile betting legal in Mississippi?

1, 2018. The state technically has mobile wagering, but you can only place bets while inside a casino. This has hurt its market share, despite being one of the few legal Southern betting states.

When will Illinois start betting?

The state launched betting on March 9, 2020, (just ahead of an NCAA Tournament that didn’t wind up happening) and launched online betting in June 2020. One of the nation’s most populated (and sports-crazy) states, Illinois is expected to be a major player in the U.S. sports betting sphere.


Betting lines for Old Line State: Physical wagering permitted, mobile expected to launch in 2022

New Jersey

Breaking new ground: Tipico Sportsbook’s first U.S.-based online casino launched in New Jersey


Bets and betting odds data are powered by Tipico; visit Tipico.com/USAToday for Terms and Conditions. 21+. CO and NJ only. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-111-222 (CO), 1-800-TIPICO (NJ)

How to legalize sports betting?

From a legal perspective, the first step toward legalization is to introduce sports betting legislation during a state legislative session. From there, the state legislature can debate the bill and tweak specifics like the potential tax rate and amend details as they see fit. Once amended, the house and senate of each state vote on the bill.

Which states allow in person betting?

In addition to Nevada and New Jersey, eight other states allow online and mobile sports betting to go with in-person wagering. Those states are Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Indiana , Rhode Island, Iowa, Illinois, and Oregon.

Why are sportsbooks mentioned separately?

The reason for this is that online gambling or mobile sports betting represents a greater level of flexibility for sports bettors.

How many states have not passed sports betting laws?

But, of the 30 American states without sports betting legislation passed, 26 of those states have introduced some sort of sports betting bill to regulate sports betting. Here is a list of the states that have at least attempted to pass sports betting legislation at one point or more. Alaska.

Why is sports betting so popular?

Sports betting is one of the most popular ways to enhance the enjoyment of sports in the United States. And sports betting is one of the biggest businesses related to sports in the country as well, with billions of dollars being wagered in the sports betting every year. Thanks to the United States Supreme Court decision to overturn PASPA …

Why is Tennessee putting a delay on sports betting?

Tennessee, meanwhile, has experienced delays in its sports betting launch due to debates within the state about the specific rules of betting in the Volunteer State. One such rule that is being debated is the fate of parlays in which a push takes place.

What is a betting line?

A betting line where the point spread or total is higher or lower than the default number, with different odds that vary based on how far the alternate line varies from the original.

States where sports betting is legal and bets are accepted

New York approved in-person sports betting back in 2013, but experienced a lull between the law’s passing and Supreme Court’s decision in 2018. The first legal sports wager came in 2019, according to ESPN, and online betting will be legal beginning Jan. 8, 2022.

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The state’s first legalized sports bets were accepted in 2020, and it topped $200 million in monthly betting handle later that year. More than 24 digital sportsbooks are expected to exist in the state in the near future too, planting it as a potential staple in the country’s sports wagering scene for the foreseeable future.

Find out more about New York sports betting

Iowa’s legal sports betting began on Aug. 15, 2019, but a previous law that required in-person registration ended in Jan. 2021 — leading to a boon in mobile sports wagering in the time since. According to Gambling.com, the state’s handle increased 42.7 percent between Dec. 2020 and Jan. 2021, and 157 percent from Jan. 2020 to Jan. 2021.

States where legal sports betting is pending in 2021

Sports betting — via 60 online and 30 retail options — has been approved in this state, but recent projections don’t expect retail locations to open until early 2022 with mobile options to follow later in the year.

States where legal sports betting is possible in 2021 and 2022

A bill has been advanced that would create a state-wide operation to oversee sports wagering — as well as a lottery, which the state also doesn’t have — within the state, and according to Action Network, there’s belief that it could be passed in 2022.


Polls across the state, which involve both voters and executives from professional sports teams back sports betting, but according to Action Network, that might not be enough to “overcome entrenched the anti-gambling sentiment in the statehouse.” Bills were proposed in both 2020 and 2021, but neither came to fruition and both failed.

What is mobile sports betting?

The latest innovation in the world of sports betting is mobile sports betting apps. Mobile sportsbooks bring you the convenience of online sports betting with the flexibility of being able to use your smartphone. A Pew Research study found that 77% of Americans own smartphones, while more than 200 million people bet on sports each year. There is no denying that there is a definite demand for mobile sports betting, especially for sports fans that are consistently on the go without access to a computer. Mobile sports betting in 2021 will continue to grow as platforms are compatible with a wide range of devices, being able to bet from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any mobile device with internet capabilities

What is regulated mobile betting?

Regulated mobile betting usually comes in the form of downloadable sports betting app. These apps offer the full-service sportsbook in the compact app form. The app’s availability is based on a state by state basis as individual states decide their own betting laws.

What is BetOnline.ag?

BetOnline brings all of the best sports betting action directly to the palm of your hand. When you use the BetOnline.ag mobile betting platform , you will still have access to all the essential sportsbook features. You can bet on all of your favorite sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA events.

What is a myookie?

MyBookie is a way to bet on your favorite sports while on the go or at home from your phone. Betting through MyBookie will allow for you to receive some of the features and promotions that come with an online sportsbook. The sports betting mobile site offers odds on numerous professional sports and athletes from around the world. Not only are you able to bet on sports through the phone but you can also use the live betting feature to bet on game bet lines in real-time.

What sports can you bet on?

You can bet on all of your favorite sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA events . The same wager types are accepted on the mobile platform, including moneylines, totals, point spreads, parlays, pleasers, and other exotics.

Do all sportsbooks have mobile betting?

While these sites may not use a downloadable betting app, the full mobile betting experience is not lost as the entire website functions perfectly from the web browser. So although not all online sportsbooks offer mobile apps, they all offer a great mobile betting experience.

Is it safe to use a mobile betting app?

Using a mobile sports betting app is just as safe as visiting a betting site from a web browser. If a legal betting site provides a mobile betting app for its patrons then that app has the same options that would be found when visiting the betting site from a web browser. The apps are safe and secure as long as the sportsbook itself is safe …

How many states have legalized sports betting?

For US bettors, the first and more limited sports gambling option is to use a domestic online sportsbook in a state that offers them. The catch is that more than 25 states have legalized sports wagering, but to place bets with books there, you must be physically located in the states where those books operate.

Do I need the App Store for sports betting?

As with the best sports betting apps for iPhone, you don’t need the App Store to enjoy wagering on the big (ger) screen. If you want real money sports betting apps for iPad, Apple’s storefront only offers these in the few states where domestic Internet-based wagering is legal.


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