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Bookmakers have revealed Jane Beale has shot up the betting stakes to be revealed as the killer and is the 7/2 favourite. Abi Branning and Ben Mitchell are at 6/1.Feb 16, 2015

How did Lucy Beale die in EastEnders?

Who Killed Lucy Beale? – TV Betting Fans to be kept on tenterhooks in the search for Lucy’s killer. 24th April 2014 / paul. So who did kill Lucy Beale? Eastenders‘ fans aren’t going to find out until next year but a list of suspects has been circulated and speculation will no doubt point the finger at everybody in Walford over the next …

Who killed Lucy in Emmerdale and what happened to her?

Feb 18, 2015 · Sports Betting. Football betting; Tennis betting; Live betting; Promotions; £20 Free Bet! Log In; Sport prediction » Novelty Bets » Who Killed Lucy Beale? The digits behind the deaths in Albert Square. Who Killed Lucy Beale? The digits behind the deaths in Albert Square. 19.02.2015 18.02.2015 by James Middleton. Ten months of deliberation …

Who killed Lucy in Coronation Street?

Feb 18, 2015 · Read the Eastenders betting preview and bet on Betfair today! With the big reveal on who killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders just a day away, our traders have slashed the price on Grant Mitchell being the culprit after bets came in for the long departed character… Betting.Betfair Podcasts Betfair Sportsbook Exchange How-to Betfair Exchange

Why does Max think Abi killed Lucy?

Feb 10, 2015 · Who Killed Lucy Beale Odds – TV Betting EastEnders prepares to reveal TV Lucy’s killer. 10th February 2015 / paul. Credit to the BBC! They managed to keep quiet the outcome of a TV whodunnit for more than a year.


How did Lucy die?

Ian is inconsolable as he identifies her body and breaks the news to Jane, Denise, Cindy, Bobby and, later, Peter. It is revealed Lucy died because of a deliberate head injury. The police question the family and search Lucy’s bedroom. Cindy tells Ian that Lucy was an habitual user of cocaine. Ian says that he was at his restaurant the previous evening, but Cindy says she went there and did not see him. Ian laments that he did not know his daughter at all and furiously throws Cindy out, forcing her to return to Devon. The police take a DNA sample from Lee before he returns to Afghanistan. Summerhayes returns to say that there has been a leak at the police station and the press have got hold of some vital information. It is explained that there was very little blood found at the common, meaning that Lucy was not killed in a mugging, but was murdered elsewhere, then dumped on the Common. Her purse and phone are also missing. David Wicks ( Michael French) discovers Max’s sexual relationship with Lucy and accuses him of killing her. Max denies it but David later finds CCTV footage of Max and Lucy arguing on the night of her death. David does not tell the police because he is worried that if Max is questioned it will affect the health of his cancer-stricken fiancée Carol Jackson ( Lindsay Coulson ), who is Max’s sister. He says that he does not believe Max killed her and together they burn all computer evidence of the footage.

Who played Ian Beale in EastEnders?

Katy Brent described the scene in which Phil Mitchell ( Steve McFadden) comforts a grief-stricken Ian Beale ( Adam Woodyatt) as “absolutely heartbreaking” and described Woodyatt as “one of the best [actors] in soap”

Why does Ian decide to take Bobby out of the school?

Because of this, Ian changes his mind and decides to take Bobby out of the school. Bobby overhears Jane talking to Sharon about this and is angry, so Bobby smashes Jane’s car with his hockey stick. A day later, Jane catches Bobby packing a bag. Stating he overheard Jane’s conversation with Sharon and he is going back to boarding school, he attempts to run out the front door; Jane drags him back and as she turns around to call Ian, Bobby strikes her over the head with his hockey stick, then twice more after she falls. Bobby interrupts Ian in a crowded Queen Vic and says that he has killed Jane, just like he killed Lucy. Ian, Sharon, Kathy and Ben rush to Jane’s aid, and discover she is alive. The crowd in the pub wonder if Bobby is telling the truth or if he is confused. Ben realises that the family knew for some time and is angry because he was arrested for the murder, but tells Ian to get Bobby away to avoid him going to prison. Ian tells Bobby to change his bloodied shirt and they leave as paramedics arrive. However, Mick stops Ian leaving, as he recalls his earlier conversation with Ian and realises that Ian knew Bobby killed Lucy. Mick convinces Ian to return to Jane, and Ian does not allow Bobby in the ambulance. While being questioned about the attack on Jane, Bobby confesses to killing Lucy. Keeble is reluctant to reopen the case, having put a lot of effort into convicting Max; however, when Bobby reveals where the murder weapon is, Bobby is charged with unlawful killing and remanded into custody. Despite Ian’s pleas, Jane decides to end their marriage, believing that the Beale family are better off without her and fearing she may be paralysed following Bobby’s attack. Bobby is later sentenced to three years in prison for Lucy’s murder.


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